Solar tariff recommended at around 35% – Suniva tells Trump ‘weak remedy’, First Solar tanks

The US International Trade Court (ITC) made three separate potential tariff recommendations for Trump to consider in order to protect the domestic solar panel manufacturing industry. At a high level, the separate recommendations were a 35% tariff on all imported solar panels, a ~30% tariff on solar cells and panels, and an 8.9GW import cap for 2018. The tariffs would mostly be phased out after four years.

The most recent tariff request by Suniva called for a minimum solar panel price of 74¢/watt, and SolarWorld called for an import cap of 5.7GW/year.


Green Deals: 2-pack 28 LED Solar-Powered Motion Lights $12, more

ZookiDirect (100% positive feedback all-time from 7,900) via Amazon offers a two-pack of its 28 LED Solar-Powered Motion Lights for $11.99 Prime shipped when promo code 6LBOX823 is applied during checkout. That’s an $8 savings off the regular price and the lowest that we’ve tracked at Amazon by $4. Each light is outfitted with 28 LEDs, 120-degrees of coverage and an integrated motion sensor. This is a #1 best-seller at Amazon where it has a 4.7/5 star rating.


BYD unveils 45-foot electric commuter coach bus

Electric bus manufacturer BYD unveiled what it says is the world’s first 45-foot battery-electric commuter coach bus at the recent APTA Expo. The company also showcased a 60-foot articulated transit bus, a 35-foot double-decker transit bus, a Class 5 cab chassis truck, and a battery-electric forklift. BYD now offers seven battery-electric coach and bus models,… Read more »

Tesla partner Panasonic suggests Model 3 production “will rise sharply”

Panasonic CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga provided clues on what might be causing Tesla’s Model 3 production bottleneck. Tsuga said during Panasonic’s earnings call on Tuesday that battery production at the Gigafactory had seen some delays, but the company expects to begin automation soon. The comment comes one day before Tesla is scheduled to report its Q3 […]

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Tesla could expand in Wisconsin with new bill to allow direct sales

Several of Tesla’s most public battles to win the right to sell its cars directly to customers, like in Michigan and in North Carolina, have been stalling.

Now the company turns to the state of Wisconsin where a new bill is about to be introduced to allow them to open stores and service centers in the state.  more…

Wind powered a record of nearly 200 million European households on Saturday

On Saturday, a record 24.6% of total electricity came from wind power sources in the 28 countries of the European Union. The majority of this wind electricity was generated offshore (91.3%) vs onshore (8.7%).

With Europe moving into the high wind production winter period, we expect a new season of records being broken. And with massive scale construction continuing for offshore wind farms, these records of 2017 will soon look quaint.


Electric semi, car subscription services, engine bans, Better Place postmortem: Today’s Car News

Today, the sad story and lessons learned from the Better Place failure, subscription services and electric cars, some surprising survey results, and another all-electric semi truck concept. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Mercedes-Benz parent c…’s George Hotz talks Tesla Autopilot, AI Vision and the future of self-driving cars

One of the most outspoken players in the race to autonomous cars has some strong thoughts on where the future of self-driving technology is headed. George Hotz, the CEO and founder of, believes heavily in a future where AI-driven computer vision powers our self-driving cars. I sat down with Hotz on the NextMobility podcast […]

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Tesla Model 3 makes it all the way to Detroit – but apparently breaks down

Tesla hasn’t managed to significantly ramp up Model 3 production yet which results in still only a few vehicles outside of California.

But one apparently made it all the way to Detroit – making it likely the first Model 3 in the home of the American automotive industry. more…