Kia and Hyundai reveal solar charging system technology to power future vehicles

Kia Motors and Hyundai Motor have announced plans to introduce ‘solar roof’ charging technology on selected Hyundai Motor Group vehicles. Electricity-generating solar panels will be incorporated into the roof or the hood of vehicles, and will support i…

Hyundai and Kia unveil new solar roof to charge batteries in vehicles, launching next year

Electric vehicles enable owners to have more choices for the sources of energy to power their vehicles. EV owners have been known to adopt solar power at a higher rate than the rest of the popular.
Some of them even want solar directly on their vehicl…

Honda joins GAC to increase new energy car share

Honda and GAC agree to build an electric car factory in China to produce plug-in cars together. According to a stock exchange filing, the 430 million dollar plant will have a capacity for 170,000 new energy vehicles per year. The move is motivated by China’s EV sales quota set to kick in next year. Rather […]

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Mahindra: We Didn’t Know How To Win A Formula E Championship

Mahindra Racing boss Dilbagh Gill says his team “didn’t know how to win a championship” in Formula E’s fourth season, where its title bid was thwarted by several issues. The Indian manufacturer led the 2017/18 teams’ championship after Felix Rosenqvist won the second race in Hong Kong and took victory at the next race in […]

October 2018 EV Sales: What To Expect?

How about another record-breaking month? October 2018 will mark the 37th month of consecutive year-over-year monthly sales gains for plug-in vehicles. Each month InsideEVs tracks all the plug-in EV sales/deliveries for the United States by automaker. The 2018 calendar year has been the most fascinating thus far in the history of the segment and it only stands to get better. The […]

Tesla Jumps To #1 In Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales In 2018 YTD

Tesla is now #1 even in the automotive group rankings. According to the latest comparison released by the EV Sales Blog, Tesla becomes the biggest manufacturer of electric cars among all automotive groups (even counting PHEVs). That’s an improvement compared to second place two months ago. The changes concern BYD too, which through record results improved from […]