Check Out This Amazing Look Inside The Tesla Fremont Factory

A FASCINATING LOOK INSIDE TESLA’S FACTORY CleanTechnica recently received a rare invitation to visit Tesla’s automotive factory in Fremont, California, and made the most of it. Not only did Zachary Shahan, Chanan Bos and Kyle Field get a great scoop (and some splendid video footage) with their extensive tour, but the resulting article eloquently explains how the […]

Tesla Model 3 Top-Selling Car Of Any Kind In Three Euro Markets

TESLA MODEL 3 OUTSELLS ALL OTHER CARS IN THREE EUROPEAN MARKETS Fair’s fair. I’ve written several articles about the fact that Switzerland is something of an EV laggard among European countries, so now I have to point out the latest good news: the Tesla Model 3 was the top-selling automobile of any kind in the Alpine country in March […]

New Infographic Compares Range & Price For Today’s Top EVs

INFOGRAPHIC: COMPARING RANGE/PRICE OF TODAY’S TOP ELECTRIC VEHICLES With all the hype Big Auto generates with press releases and concept cars, you’d think its dealerships would be flooded with electric vehicles by now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. But slowly, ever so slowly, new EVs are being introduced. How do they compare with Tesla? That’s always […]

Tesla Sales Down For Q1 2019, But The Situation Is Far From Dire

TESLA’S Q1-19 DEFINITELY HURT, BUT DON’T PANIC Tesla’s first-quarter deliveries dropped by 31% compared to the previous quarter as the Elon Musk-led company struggled to deliver cars to customers in international markets. The company said that approximately 10,600 cars were in transit, compared to 2,907 cars that were in transit at the end of the […]

A Closer Look At Tesla Supercharger Network: Is Free Charging Worth It?

IS FREE SUPERCHARGING WORTH IT? A GUIDE TO TESLA’S SUPERCHARGING NETWORK Guest post: Blane Erwin, Current Automotive Superchargers are Tesla’s solution to electric vehicle fast charging. 15-30 minutes at a Supercharger station is all that’s necessary to get the battery recharged to get back on the road.  Plus, Tesla has invested heavily in building out a […]

Is The Market About To Be Blown Away By Tesla Model 3 Q1 Production?

WILL TESLA SURPRISE EVERYONE WITH MODEL 3 (Q1-2019) PRODUCTION? Tesla will report its first quarter 2019 production and delivery figures in the next few days. The Q1 sales report is an extremely anticipated one as it will tell us whether or not Tesla managed to increase production and if the company was able to generate enough […]

How Do Tesla’s V3 Superchargers Get You Ready To Roll In 15 Minutes?

IN DEPTH: HOW TESLA’S V3 SUPERCHARGERS GET YOU BACK ON THE ROAD IN 15 MINUTES [VIDEO] Tesla-related news items have been coming out so quickly that a major innovation seems to have slipped by with little media comment. Tesla’s new generation of fast charging technology, V3 Supercharging, promises to make topping up a Tesla almost as […]

Tesla Vehicles & Other Stock EVs Compete In Eco Grand Prix

TESLAS AND OTHER STOCK EVS COMPETE IN THE ECO GRAND PRIX The world of auto racing is getting electrified. The international Formula E series, now in its fifth season, brings world-class electric racing to cities around the world. Later this year, Tesla vehicles will begin competing in the FIA-sanctioned Electric Production Car Series. Electric vehicles have also distinguished […]

More Legacy OEMs Planning To Follow Suit With Tesla’s OTA Updates

BIG AUTO PLAYS CATCH-UP WITH TESLA’S OVER-THE-AIR SOFTWARE UPDATES Journalists have been calling cars “computers on wheels” for at least a decade, but there’s a problem with that metaphor: these days, even the simplest of computers can update their software remotely, with little or no user input required. Other than the ones made by a […]