Porsche organizes finances for electrification offensive

Porsche is following an ambitious plan to improve operating profits by six billion euros over the next eight years, in order to finance the construction of electric vehicles. This will be done by increasing efficiencies, cutting costs and boosting contribution from new business such as digital offerings. The news was broken by internal circles and […]

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Leclanché To Supply Kongsberg With 45 MWh Batteries For Electric Vessels

Electric vessels need a comparable amount of batteries to 50 or even 100 cars Kongsberg, which engaged in the electrification of the marine industry, picked up Leclanché as a battery supplier for nine projects of a total amount of 45 MWh (on average 5 MWh per vessel). Leclanché intends to build the systems in Switzerland, while […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Tesla’s Elon Musk Will Transform Civilization

NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON: ELON MUSK WILL ‘TRANSFORM CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT’ [VIDEO] Elon Musk remains a frequent target in the media. Clickbait journalists clack away at their keyboards and smear the Tesla and SpaceX CEO on a regular basis. Sometimes an outside perspective is needed — especially from someone who really knows science and space. To that end, CNBC sat down with renowned astrophysicist […]

Stealthy Tesla Model 3 bullies muscle cars and tuned imports in multiple drag races

The Tesla Model 3 is becoming more and more commonplace in the United States. With its ubiquity, the electric sedan is now being spotted rather frequently in drag races, just like its larger siblings — the Model S and X. And just like the Model S and X, the Model 3 is also gaining a […]

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To Ease Scare, Children Can Now Drive A Tesla Model S To Surgery

Electric cars for the service of children Children and young people at Sheffield Children’s Hospital in the UK can forget about problems for a moment by driving electric cars thanks to the UK Tesla Owners Group. Peter and Sarah Crown from Dronfield recently donated the Tesla Model S toy car, which can be used to […]