HBK’s digital algorithm can map EV motor efficiency 10 times faster than analog systems

In order to maximize an EV’s range for a given battery capacity and vehicle weight, engineers try to eke out as much performance as possible from the electrical and mechanical systems. Using a process called efficiency mapping, they determine the “sweet spots” of a powertrain—the regions of the torque-speed curve where the system operates at… Read more »

Li-Cycle and Univar to provide waste management for Li-ion battery production

Li-Cycle has partnered with Univar Solutions to provide waste management solutions for lithium-ion batteries. Univar will collect, sort, and divert waste at Li-Cycle facilities.  Battery recycler Li-Cycle uses its proprietary Spoke & Hub technology to achieve a high material recovery rate and to produce new battery materials from recycled batteries. Univar Solutions’ OnSite Services team… Read more »

Westinghouse’s 3-tool electric tool kit falls to $99 (Save 33%), more in New Green Deals

Are you still using gas-powered lawn gear? Well, it’s time to change. Today, in our New Green Deals, we’re taking a look at Westinghouse’s 3-tool yard care kit at $99, which helps you kick gas and oil to the curb in favor of battery-…