Researchers test ‘biohybrid robots’ that merge living tissue with machines

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have fused together living tissue from a rat with mechanical components to create a biohybrid system that can mimic human fingers. In the video shared by National Geographic, the finger-like system can be seen performing precise tasks that require dexterity and are traditionally more difficult for robots to accomplish. Scientists that […]

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FCA electrification push, crowdfunded electric car, and California charging incentives: Today’s Car News

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will charge ahead with an electrification strategy beginning with the Jeep brand. An Estonian electric car may come to life thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. California has approved record incentives for charging infrastructu…

FCA announces a bunch of new all-electric vehicles: 4 Jeep SUVs, 4 Maserati models, and 2 Fiat cars

FCA’s outspoken CEO, Sergio Marchionne, has been known for being highly critical of electric vehicles, which has significantly slowed down the electrification of FCA’s lineup of vehicles.
But the industry is undoubtedly moving forward with all-el…