Tesla owner ‘summons’ Model S into frighteningly narrow driveway in the city

Tesla’s Summon is an Autopilot convenience feature that allows owners of the electric car to command the vehicle from an app to move forward and backward, including parking itself into spaces that are quite narrow. As this Model S Summon video shows, the feature can still park like a champ even in ridiculously narrow areas. […]

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Will The Tesla Model 3 Really Achieve A 30% Profit Margin?

CAN TESLA PULL OFF A 30% PROFIT MARGIN WITH ITS MODEL 3? Okay, Model 3 is a great car (even the marauding army of anti-Tesla trolls isn’t trying to deny that). But is it profitable? The answer to that question is obviously of existential importance to Tesla, but it’s also critical information for competing automakers […]

UK fleshes out its plan to go (mostly) electric by 2040

Nicolas Raymond UK Flag
Last July, the UK government announced its intention to phase out fossil fuel vehicles by 2040. Now the Department for Transport (DfT) has unveiled a detailed 46-point plan to manage the transition. The Road to Zero includes a wide-ranging series of initiatives to encourage cleaner cars, including: measures to improve enforcement of existing ICE emissions… Read more »

Tritium signs deal with IONITY for 100 high-power charging sites across Europe

IONITY, a joint venture of several automakers that’s building a fast charging network in Europe, has chosen Brisbane-based Tritium as its technology partner for the construction of 100 high-power charging sites in Germany, France, UK, Norway and Sweden. Each station will have up to six chargers, each capable of delivering 350 kW of power. Tritium’s… Read more »

Nissan Leaf battery tech, hydrogen shortages, and Tesla Twitter wars get real: Today’s Car News

We take a deep look into two phenomenon: new technology in the Nissan Leaf’s 30-kwh battery, and the war of words online surrounding Tesla and its CEO. A hydrogen shortage strands fuel-cell drivers in Los Angeles, and a new study shows sales of electri…

Tesla files patent for a system to isolate damaged battery cells

Tesla recently filed a patent on a new technology that could make its battery packs safer. The system is designed to isolate damage caused by failed battery cells, and prevent them from affecting intact cells in the pack. When battery cells fail, they typically release hot gases that can spread the damage to nearby cells…. Read more »

Mercedes-Benz EQ C To Debut September 4

The production version of the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQC will be unveiled to the world at the @me Convention in Stockholm, Sweden on September 4. We assume that the general public premiere will take place at the upcoming Paris Motor Show this fall though. In the U.S. we should see the EQC for the first time at the Los […]