Hyundai invests in solid-state battery materials specialist Ionic Materials

Hyundai’s venture capital division, Cradle, is investing in Massachusetts-based battery materials developer Ionic Materials. Ionic says its patented solid polymer material enables solid-state batteries that are inherently safe, high in energy density and operational at room temperature. The special properties of Ionic’s polymer electrolyte also support lithium-ion cells with little to no cobalt in their cathodes…. Read more »

Musk: Tesla’s Next Vehicle Likely To Be Electric Mini Car

It can “squeeze in” just one adult. That’s according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk who spilled just those few details this evening via Twitter. Here’s the Tweet: We’re working on a new Tesla mini-car that can squeeze in an adult — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 5, 2018 The convo above started when an image of […]

Musk: Tesla Model 3 Performance Is Higher Value For Money Than S

Value? Or Top end? Which do you prefer? If you’re seeking performance and value, then the Tesla Model 3 Performance should be your choice over the Model S, according to Elon Musk. Of course, this revelation came about just moments ago on Twitter, the preferred medium of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Model S P100D is […]

SpaceX’s Cargo Dragon spacecraft returns to Earth after second orbital mission

SpaceX’s workhorse Cargo Dragon spacecraft has returned from its 16th successful mission to orbit, in this case as the fourth flight-proven Dragon capsule. CRS-15 carried several thousand pounds of cargo to the International Space Station on June 29 and transported a roughly equivalent amount of invaluable cargo and scientific experiments from orbit back to Earth – incredibly, […]

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IONITY Ultra-Fast Charging Comes To France, Launches Map

The European ultra-fast charging network IONITY expanded in late July to France with two 350 kW stations In total, six stations have already been installed (out of 400 planned) – one in Germany and one in Denmark, as well as two in France and two in Switzerland. The latest stations in France: “are located at […]

Norway Experienced A Minor Decrease In Plug-In Electric Car Sales In July

A big drop in plug-in hybrid registrations in July brought the overall Norwegian plug-in market down by several percent In total, 3,738 new passenger plug-in cars were registered last month (down 5.8%), but the market share increased to 38.8% (from 34.6% year ago). After the first seven months of the year, 39,504 new passenger plug-in […]

Tesla Model 3 Production Hits 60,000 And Counting

Tesla Model 3 cumulative production just exceeded 60,000, according to estimations by Bloomberg. The latest 10,000 copies of the Model 3 were made within approximately two weeks since our report on production hitting 50,000. That means the average production rate is already steady above 5,000 a week. The Tesla Model 3 Tracker indicates (as of August […]

Tesla Model S P100D drops in on Volkswagen event to casually destroy competition on the drag strip

A panda-painted Tesla Model S P100D recently made an appearance at a Volkswagen festival in the UK, battling two high-performance vehicles in the quarter mile. The Volkswagen event, dubbed Bug Jam 32, was held at the Santa Pod Raceway in Podington, Bedfordshire, England, a location popular for 1/8-mile and 1/4-mile drag races. In a video […]

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Model 3 Shows Up In Chinese Tesla Store – Video

Tesla hasn’t yet begun sales of the Model 3 outside of North America, but in China there was already one on exhibition in a Tesla store. Here is video with exterior and interior of the red Model 3 Long Range, which of course gets the Chinese version of the interface for the touchscreen. The charging inlet remains […]