Panasonic studies new batteries, Canadian plug-in car sales, and Twitter poll results: Today’s Car News

Panasonic is looking into new electric-car batteries with smaller amounts of cobalt. The latest Canadian electric car sales may raise some eyebrows. The results are in from the latest Twitter poll. And a new study shows it’s less expensive to curb glob…

Electric cars are more labor efficient to make and will lead to job loss, says new study

The German automotive labor unions have been fearing the electric revolution for a while now – claiming that it could lead to job losses.
They have now released a new study that claims that 75,000 jobs could be lost as the industry switches to el…

Swiss startup converts VW van with Kreisel battery

Engineers from Swiss Durot Electric have taken on a commission to convert a VW T6 van to all-electric power. The e-mobility specialists turned to Kreisel Electric for the power pack good for 400 km and also fitted the van with an all-electric AWD. Durot Electric is an engineering firm based in Swiss St. Gallen that […]

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