Triumph reportedly bringing back Trident, is this Triumph’s first electric motorcycle?

Triumph has reportedly filed a number of trademarks for an upcoming Trident line of motorcycles. Multiple sources are reporting that the new line could be Triumph’s first ever electric motorcycle.
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Nissan Leaf passes EPA inspection

The new Nissan Leaf with a 62 kWh battery pack has received its official EPA rating for range. The two different vehicle versions feature ranges of 215 miles and 226 miles, respectively. The range difference for the Leaf e+, which both feature the same battery, is due to a weight differential between the standard version […]

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EGEB: Shell switches UK customers to renewables, Ireland eyes 70% renewable by 2030, and more

In today’s EGEB:

Shell switches more than 700,000 U.K. homes to renewable energy.
Ireland aims to generate 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.
Solar + long-term onsite storage, on the way.
Climate change could cause a …

Battery bottleneck threatens Audi’s e-tron production

Audi is reportedly having problems with the battery supply from the supplier LG Chem for their electric e-tron. Audi is therefore currently only able to produce about half of the originally announced 300 e-tron units per day at its plant in Brussels. This was reported by German newspaper Bayerischer Rundfunk with reference to suppliers and […]

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How Can You Easily Modify A Tesla Model 3 To Improve Range? Video

Want your Tesla Model 3 to go further on a charge? This may be the answer. There are many aftermarket companies out there and more and more are jumping on the EV bandwagon. However, we’ve been following Unplugged Performance for some time and it appears Tesla owners are generally impressed with the company’s products. In […]

China: Enovate starts BEV factory construction

The premium electric brand Enovate owned by the Chinese manufacturer DearCC, has begun construction of its first electric car factory. The target capacity is 60,000 vehicles per year. Enovate’s first model is an electric SUV called ME7. The company has announced that they will open the order books for the electric SUV for Auto Shanghai […]

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Tesla boosts power and range of Model 3 via remote software update

Tesla owners are used to receiving little goodies from time to time, but the latest over-the-air updates for Model 3 represent substantial increases in power and range. Tesla is rolling out an increase in peak power output to all Model 3s as part of firmware version 2019.8.2. “Your vehicle’s peak power has been increased by… Read more »