Nissan sells 100,000 Leaf electric cars in Europe

Nissan says it has reached another milestone for its bestselling electric car as the Leaf has found buyer no. 100,000 in Madrid. Over a third of all Leaf electric cars sold in Europe are now the latest model that was released only this February. For Nissan, electric cars have proven a success over many years […]

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Tesla finally adds highly requested feature to Supercharger stations – a squeegee station

Tesla’s Supercharger network is gradually starting to replace gas stations for Tesla owners, but it has so far been missing an important tool that drivers find at gas stations: a squeegee.
Now it looks like Tesla is finally starting to add the re…

2018 Toyota Prius Prime, Tesla Model 3 take awards for lowest environmental and social impact

Rating cars isn’t just about acceleration times—or at least it shouldn’t be. Unlike other car rating organizations, the Automotive Science Group rates cars according to their life-cycle CO2 emissions, based on a combination of their fuel economy …

BYD and Daimler increase spending on Denza

China’s BYD and Daimler will put more money behind their joint electric vehicle venture Denza in China as they increase their investment. Both will add another 400 million RMB, (about 53M euros) in order to build on production and service. The total of 800 million yuan or over 100 million euros serves BYD and Daimler […]

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