MIT team develops novel solid electrolytes and pure lithium anodes

New research from MIT could lead to batteries that pack more power per pound and last longer. A new paper co-authored by Yuming Chen and Ziqiang Wang at MIT explores the idea of using pure lithium as the battery’s anode. The design is part of a concept for developing safe solid-state batteries by dispensing with… Read more »

AKASOL orders fully automated production lines for new high-energy battery module plant

AKASOL has adopted Tesla’s nomenclature, and christened its new battery plant in Darmstadt, Germany “Gigafactory 1.” The German battery maker has commissioned Manz to supply fully automated production lines for high-energy battery modules at the new plant and the company’s US site in Hazel Park, Michigan. The total order volume for production equipment could reach… Read more »

SAE publishes recommended practices for automated EV charging systems

As the EV market expands, there’s a pressing need for more standardization of DC power distribution remains, especially for buses and heavy-duty vehicles. SAE International’s new standard SAE J-3105: Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System Using Conductive Automated Connection Devices Recommended Practice promotes the safe testing and performance of mechanized conductive power transfer systems, primarily for… Read more »

Tesla Energy’s giant battery project in Moss Landing gets unanimous approval

Tesla Megapacks will power a battery storage system at the Moss Landing, California power facility. The Monterey County Planning Commission unanimously approved the Pacific Gas and Electric-backed (PG&E) project on Wednesday, which will be known as the Elkhorn Battery Storage Facility. “It’s huge for the area and as you know the power plant has been […]

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