How much does it cost to service an EV?

rear view of EV
When Hyundai released details of the updated IONIQ 5 they included the fixed price servicing schedule. Unfortunately it’s not the low cost, maintenance free ownership that Fleet Managers hoped for with electric vehicles. There are fewer moving parts in EVs but they still need regular inspections that involve trained automotive technicians, diagnostic tools, and workshops […]

Tesla Giga Shanghai made its 1,000,000th EV

Tesla China’s Gigafactory Shanghai made its millionth electric car bringing the total to over 3 million cars that Tesla has made. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the milestone on Twitter. The Tesla China team has been working tirelessly to produce and export Tesla’s best-selling vehicles. Congrats Giga Shanghai on making millionth car! Total Teslas made […]

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George Soros buys Tesla ($TSLA) and other tech stocks

According to a Friday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, George Soros increased his investments in several tech stocks. The Soros Fund Management opened a new position in Tesla with a total of 29,883 shares worth over $20 million. The management fund also added investments in Ford, Uber, and Twitter while adding to existing […]

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