Tesla Ranks Last Place In Auto Dealership Index

Volkswagen Group’s Audi brand dealerships ranked highest in the newly released 2018 Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index In a dealership study published by the Pied Piper Management Company, covering the rankings of particular car dealerships from a customer’s standpoint, Tesla didn’t fare so well. The U.S based car company ranked dead last (34th out of 34) […]

Polestar 1 To Debut In North America At Monterey Car Week

Volvo’s performance and EV brand Polestar will launch the Polestar 1 World Tour at the Monterey Car Week from 23-26 August. The U.S. is considered a major market for the first plug-in hybrid model, the Polestar 1, as nearly 200 customers have placed deposits – more than in any other country. The car will be […]

SpaceX is searching for BFR landing sites for early 2020s Mars missions

SpaceX Principal Mars Development Engineer Paul Wooster gave a surprise talk at a February 2018 meeting of the Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group, where he provided a brief overview of SpaceX’s plans for the Red Planet, ranging from prospective landing sites for the company’s first missions there to the possibility of including significant secondary payloads on BFR […]

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Electrify America begins building a nationwide network of metro, highway, workplace and community chargers

The two-billion-dollar 10-year investment represents the largest of its kind so far. In the chaos that is human affairs, bad intentions sometimes eventually lead to good results. As atonement for Volkswagen’s criminal actions in what we like to call the Dirty Diesel Debacle, government regulators have forced the automaker to invest substantial resources in promoting… Read more »

Heraeus helps companies learn to use cutting-edge materials to improve EV electronics

In addition to sophisticated new material solutions, Heraeus offers engineering services to customers to help bring next-generation products to market faster and increase the overall module reliability. When it comes to making the most efficient EVs possible, materials matter. Nobody knows that better than Heraeus, a German-based technology group that has a stake in global… Read more »