Watch Tesla Model S P100D Accelerate With Drag Radials On The Street

Toss some Mickey Thompson drag radials on and it really hooks up. A Tesla Model S P100D is no slouch, but as with any street car, traction can be an issue. An issue that’s easily taken care of with the proper choice of tires. On the road, you need street tires, but when on the track, some […]

Check Out This Tesla-Powered Electric Nissan Skyline

It’s smokin’! The Nissan Skyline has long been a favorite for enthusiasts to modify. This particular example, a 3rd generation (R32) coupe is just one of many that has gone under the knife. But instead of adding cold-air intakes or high-flow exhausts, this one has been completely electrified. Or should we say, “Teslafied?” Souped up by […]

Watch Kids React To Tesla Model 3: Video

These kids got a fever… and the only prescription is more Teslas. Technology focused YouTuber Andy Syle recently demonstrated his new Tesla Model 3 to his niece and nephew. Their reactions to the car are downright adorable. “So the trunk is up here?” Asks Andy’s nephew. Andy lets him know that the Model 3 has two […]

Researchers develop artificial intelligence that can identify cancer cells

Scientists from Osaka University in Japan have developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can identify different types of cancers based on microscopy images of their cells. The AI was also able to determine whether the cancer cells were resistant to radiation, and further learned the differences between human and animal cancers. Since the accuracy and timeliness […]

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CCS Closes Out 2018 With Roughly 6,000 DC Fast Chargers In Europe

More than 5 new CCS chargers are installed each day. More than 2,000 CCS Combo DC fast chargers were installed in the past year in Europe, which means that there are now over 50% more places to charge CCS compatible cars. According to the CCS Charge Map, overall there are now 5,981 CCS chargers in […]