What is this site for?

I’m a qualified mechanic who has transitioned to fleet management, this zero-profit site aggregates EV industry info for my own personal use. Many of the people I deal with are interested in making the leap to EV from fossil fuel, so it’s also a resource for them and a repository for commonly repeated answers.

All the links redirect to the original sites and authors where possible. I intentionally leave ads from RSS feeds in the posts, I don’t profit from these, as they redirect also. I have tried to contact all of the content providers directly and keep attribution in the author’s name. If you own the IP on any of the articles posted, and want them taken down or modified, please visit my LinkedIn profile and let me know!

I am grateful to all the authors and site maintainers who curate the syndicated sites, keep up the good work, and thanks again! Some of the feeds are more active than others, and some manufacturers get mentioned more frequently, I don’t actively bump posts or rank information.

  • Masthead font is ARB 85 Modern Poster JAN-39 by Michael G Adkins @ http://www.thefontry.com/.
  • The masthead image is a Tesla Model S chassis, I’m not sure where it originated.
  • WordPress theme is Tortuga (link at bottom of page), which is based on _s. Some elements of the theme have been modified to suit my own minimalist taste.
  • As far as privacy goes, no personally identifiable information (PII) user data is stored, but we do occasionally enable the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) plugin. Google Analytics collects basic meta data such as country, browser & platform type, referral and pages visited. While sidevalve.net is located in Australia which is not currently subject to GDRP legislation, some of our visitors are based in the EU. In respecting the privacy of network users and the security of their personal information, I have tried to keep data collection at a purely diagnostic level. If you don’t want to give up any information to GA, enable the Do Not Track feature of your browser if you haven’t done so already. Good browsers for privacy are probably Firefox and Opera.
  • I am also currently trialling WP Statistics, which does similar work to GA, but keeps the data internally and not on the Google platform. It has it’s own GDPR compliance statement, here. We have GeoIP disabled.
  • The contact form, Contact Form 7, uses javascript to direct enquiries via email, which is stored in my inbox until I read it. Use the same care as you would sending anyone else an email. Please note this is currently disabled, see above for contact info.

Thanks for visiting!