Tesla Model 3 dashcam videos show that there are still Good Samaritans on the road

Anyone who drives on a regular basis could attest to the notion that the roads are a place where the worst of human nature can emerge. This is particularly notable in the cacophony and insanity of rush hour traffic, where drivers’ tempers have a tendency to flare up easily. Yet, inasmuch as the roads could […]

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Witness The Epic Drag Race Between The H2 And The LS-218

Supercharger versus electric power. In the realm of superbikes, speed comes in all shape and sizes. While it is virtually impossible to reach the limits of these models built for speed on the road, that’s when hitting the track for a few laps or a few quarter-mile runs come in handy. Two guys got to put […]

A Closer Look At Nikola World 2019: 5 Debuts, Advantages, Challenges

We’ve got all the details from Nikola World 2019, plus some compelling dialogue. As promised, our friend Sean Mitchell over at AllThingsEV.info has completed his exhaustive video about Nikola World 2019. He provides all the details about each of the five new vehicles Nikola shared at the event. In addition, Sean reflects on the company’s […]

Rivian Electric R1T Truck & R1S SUV: Incredible Machines – Video

It comes as no surprise, Rivian is firing up the masses. This most recent video share didn’t come to us directly from Rivian. This is because it’s a fan-made commercial. It came via Detroitable, which is a YouTube channel we know little about. Upon a closer look, we realized that Detroitable has only a few […]

Nikola Wows Huge Crowd With Five Zero-Emission Vehicles

Nikola provided much more than eye candy and vaporware at its recent event. Just a few hours ago, in the wee hours of the morning, we returned from an intense two-day event in Scottsdale, Arizona, coined Nikola World 2019. We’ll be honest to say that there’s a ton to take in and cover. Nikola Motor Company […]

Top Gear’s 24-Hour Ultimate Tesla Marathon: Model Y, Model 3, More

Tesla fans may be jealous of Top Gear’s “ultimate Tesla day out.” Top Gear — much like InsideEVs and many other electric car enthusiasts and members of the automotive press — attended the recent Tesla Model Y reveal event. If you’ve never attended one of these trips, we can tell you that it’s often a race […]