Changing finance options for fleets with EVs

While electric vehicles are seen as an important part of addressing the global impact of climate change, embracing the technology depends very much on adapting to user needs at the local level. Developing new technologies can also create opportunities for new processes and new players in the game. Origin Energy has become a player in […]

Are FMOs relevant in an EV world?

Peugeot 508 PHEV charge cables
Fleet Management Organisations are an important member of the fleet management community, they provide access to finance, deliver scale and efficiency for low value fleet management tasks, and they accept risk on asset values and maintenance. But are they supporting fleets to transition to electric vehicles? If you search the internet and LinkedIn you’ll see […]

Solterra pricing – first EV from Subaru

Subaru Australia is delighted to reveal the indicative specification and open the order books for the highly anticipated inaugural all-electric Subaru SUV, the all-new Solterra.   After extending an exclusive pre-order invitation to customers that registered their interest, the order books will open to all Australian consumers from Wednesday 8th November.  Subaru Australia’s Managing Director, Blair […]

Uber commits to more EVs for drivers in Australia

Uber and BYD large ev deal for drivers
Uber and EVDirect have announced a partnership that will see 10,000 BYD EVs made available to Uber Drivers and Uber Eats delivery people. The a deal marks another step in Uber’s journey to becoming a zero-emissions platform in Australia by 2040. On the back of two years’ sustained investment to increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) […]

Kia unveils eco-friendly interiors

eco friendly interior Kia EV4 electric car
Kia has unveiled further details of the interiors of the EV3 and EV4 concept vehicles and the game-changing eco-friendly materials and methodologies used to create them, which will play an essential role in the brand’s transition to a sustainable mobility solutions provider. When creating the interior of the Kia Concept EV3, Kia’s CMF (Color, Materials, […]

New EV battery tech with reduced lithium

SEM coated lithium technology for EV batteries
Researchers at Monash University have developed a new lithium-sulphur battery design with a nanoporous polymer-coated lithium foil anode that reduces the amount of lithium required in a single battery. With the transition to renewable energies a global mission, the need for more sustainable energy storage solutions is becoming critical. In their recent paper PhD student Declan McNamara, Professor […]

EV Road User Charge ruled unconstitutional

Genesis GV70 SUV electric battery charge time
In a landmark judgement that will impact the plans of other state governments to implement a Road User Charge on electric vehicles, the High Court of Australia which found that Victoria’s electric vehicle tax is unconstitutional. Two private EV owners, Mr Vanderstock and Ms Davies, brought the constitutional challenge in September 2021, arguing that the […]

Pricing and specifications on latest IONIQ 5 EV

Latest Hyundai EV IONIQ5 charging at home
Hyundai is relaunching the latest model of IONIQ 5 (MY24) with a tweak to the specifications and pricing that puts all models under the limit for the FBT Exemption which will see demand from novated lease buyers soar. It’s an amazing pivot which adapts to the current market conditions and competitive pressures. Fleet buyers can […]

UNSW Sunswift competing in 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

University NSW sunswift solar powered car fastest in the world
The world’s fastest electric vehicle over 1,000km on a single charge is aiming for more glory when it competes in the prestigious Bridgestone World Solar Challenge next month. UNSW Sydney’s Sunswift 7, a student-built solar-powered car, is attempting to claim the honours against teams from across the globe in an amazing race that covers over 3,000km from […]