Avery Dennison launches new Volt Tough electrical insulation tapes for EV batteries

US adhesive manufacturing company Avery Dennison has launched a newly developed portfolio of electrically insulative, single-sided filmic tapes for EV battery packs. The Volt Tough portfolio includes tapes that incorporate features for OEMs and converters, including options for curved geometries, high abrasion-resistant options, color options for vision inspection systems, flame-retardant options for UL-94 and other… Read more »

Turntide releases new NMC battery pack

US-based Turntide Technologies, a developer of energy-efficient technologies, has launched a lithium-ion nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) battery pack for off-highway EV applications such as construction, agricultural equipment, marine and rail. The Turntide lithium-ion NMC battery pack combines NMC cells with an integrated battery management system (BMS) to deliver higher energy density and performance than the previous Hyperdrive… Read more »

How to build next generation EV battery models with COMSOL Multiphysics (Webinar)

A detailed understanding of battery technology and the underlying physics processes is necessary to design high-performance, durable, and safe batteries. Physics-based modeling is being used for building accurate simulations of batteries, incorporating different aspects through predefined physics-based interfaces, from detailed structures in a battery’s porous electrode to the battery pack scale, including thermal management systems…. Read more »

Marelli releases new range of multipurpose smart actuators for hybrids and EVs

Marelli has launched a new range of multipurpose smart actuators for simplifying actuation and thermal management in hybrids and EVs. Marelli’s new smart actuators have an electronic module that autonomously controls and links the actuator to the EV’s electronic network. The device has a flexible, modular and scalable mechanical design, to fit complex vehicle electronics… Read more »

Next generation dielectric insulation solutions for EV battery packs (Webinar)

As global demand surges for EV battery packs, engineers across the product’s value chain continue to seek new ways to address crucial design challenges. These include choosing materials that provide dielectric insulation. Such choices can significantly impact pack energy density, vehicle reliability and safety. In this session at the Fall Virtual Conference on EV Engineering,… Read more »

GM invests in battery materials innovator Mitra Chem

GM has invested $60 million in a Series B financing round for Mitra Chem, a Silicon Valley-based battery materials innovator. GM and Mitra Chem will develop new iron-based cathode active materials (CAM), namely lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP), to power EV batteries compatible with GM’s Ultium Platform EV propulsion architecture. GM’s funding will help Mitra… Read more »

New process solutions for battery systems manufacturing (Webinar)

Join this session at the Fall Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, presented by bdtronic, where experts in dispensing systems solutions will present new projects for manufacturing battery systems. The focus will be on the challenges of dispensing thermal materials and foams with less waste and high-quality dispensing results. Applications in the field of battery manufacturing… Read more »

Vanner begins serial production of liquid-cooled converter for EVs with SiC solid-state switching

Power conversion specialist Vanner has started serial production of a liquid-cooled converter with silicon carbide (SiC) solid-state switching for hybrid, battery-electric and fuel cell vehicles. Vanner has designed a 17.1 kW, 600 A converter using its Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA), which is a 17.1 kW, 300 A, 600 VDC to 24 VDC air-cooled converter. It… Read more »

MAHLE develops a new bionic battery cooling plate

German automotive parts supplier MAHLE has developed a new bionic battery cooling plate with cooling channels modeled on shapes encountered in nature (i.e. coral) that cause the coolant to flow differently than conventional flow-through solutions. MAHLE’s bionic structure improves the thermodynamic performance and structural-mechanical properties of the cooling plate, says the company. Also, the design… Read more »

Future-proofing battery testing for evolving EV technologies (Webinar)

As the EV market continues to grow exponentially, the need for new and innovative battery technologies becomes increasingly evident. To meet the demand for higher power, improved efficiency, and extended vehicle range, EV batteries are evolving rapidly, including advancements in solid-state, zinc-air, graphene batteries, and more. In this webinar at the Fall Virtual Conference on… Read more »