Silver Power Systems uses digital twin to predict battery lifespan

Battery analytics specialist Silver Power System (SPS) has partnered with Imperial College, the London EV Company and the Watt Electric Vehicle Company on a research program designed to predict battery lifespan. The Real-Time Electrical Digital Twin Operating Platform (REDTOP) project has created and trialed “digital twins” of real EV batteries. Built using data from a… Read more »

Breakthrough technologies in capacitor solutions for power electronics in EVs

Power capacitor technologies affect every vehicle and charger in the electromobility industry. Join this session at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, presented by TDK Electronics, where we will discuss the latest breakthrough technologies in film, aluminum and ceramic capacitors solutions and show real-world case studies for power capacitor use in on- and off-board… Read more »

Masterflux releases new battery thermal management system

Michigan compressor supplier Masterflux has released the Masterflux eBTMS, a Battery Thermal Management System platform for EV applications. Masterflux’s parent company Tecumseh makes reciprocating compressors that are powered by AC and used in stationary applications. Masterflux compressors are hermetically sealed, variable-speed rotary compressors powered by DC and designed for mobile applications.  The Masterflux eBTMS is… Read more »

Ford and Redwood Materials to collaborate on battery recycling

Redwood Materials, the battery materials firm founded by Tesla cofounder JB Straubel, has announced a partnership with Ford. The two companies will work together to “create a closed loop for battery recycling and a domestic supply chain for critical battery materials.” Ford also made a strategic investment of $50 million in Redwood. “Excited to work… Read more »

Increase EV range 5 to 12% by reducing losses using AI transistor control to increase switching speeds

Pre-Switch is pioneering AI to control power transistors in order to increase inverter switching speeds to new highs. This will reduce motor losses enabling greater EV range. So far, the company has demonstrated an Inverter efficiency of over 99.3% peak efficiency at 100kHz using low only 3 cost SiC 35mΩ MOSFETs. Join this session at… Read more »

Four ways DuPont adhesives and resins advance EVs

Sponsored by Dupont Much of what drives the advancement of EVs today is what you don’t see. For example, crash-worthy adhesives that bond body and battery components along with performance polymers and thermal interface materials that safely manage battery temperature. At DuPont, we’re developing adhesive and plastic solutions that help automakers worldwide produce EVs that… Read more »

Janus graphene could boost capacity in sodium-ion batteries

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have presented a new concept to fabricate high-performance electrode materials for sodium batteries. The results show that the capacity could match lithium-ion batteries. The ions intercalate in the graphite, which means that they can move in and out of the graphene layers and be stored for energy… Read more »

ACCURE raises $8 million to scale its battery analytics software

ACCURE, a software and AI battery analytics company based in Aachen, Germany, has received $8 million in Series A funding from Blue Bear Capital, Capnamic Ventures and 42CAP.  ACCURE’s software is designed to empower battery manufacturers and operators to monitor battery health and safety in real time throughout an asset’s life cycle, enabling companies to… Read more »

GaN Systems to supply power transistors to BMW

Gallium nitride power semiconductor developer GaN Systems has signed a comprehensive capacity agreement with BMW for the company’s GaN power transistors, which are designed to increase the efficiency and power density of critical applications in EVs. GaN Systems will provide capacity for multiple applications in series production. The guaranteed volumes are a building block for… Read more »

GM reveals 3 new EV motors for its Ultium platform

GM has revealed a group of three new motors that will power its upcoming Ultium-based EVs. The new motors, part of the Ultium Drive platform, were designed and calibrated in-house by GM. They share design principles as well as similar tooling and manufacturing strategies. The new happy family consists of a 180 kW front-drive motor,… Read more »