Enabling next-generation EV batteries with thermally conductive adhesives

Sponsored by Henkel. With the rapid growth and adoption of electric vehicles, OEMs and battery manufacturers are turning to technology to make EVs more efficient and affordable. Engineers, seeking ways to optimize the battery and its components for long range, safety, and reliability, are turning to the “Cell-to-Pack” configuration for next-generation battery designs. Most of… Read more »

Magna-Power introduces thermal paste for power electronics

New Jersey-based Magna-Power Electronics has developed a thermal paste for power electronics applications including vehicles. Pitel Paste AZ-01 has a thermal resistance of 6.5 x 10-6 K·m2/W and comes in seven 1-19,000 ml containers.  It comes in syringe, container and tube packaging.  A thermal interface material between metal surfaces can reduce thermal resistance by two… Read more »

Improve EV manufacturing processes, efficiency and deliverables with cloud-enabled visualization platform (Webinar)

In today’s rapidly changing EV landscape, manufacturers are doing everything they can to stay ahead. Learn how you can improve your processes, efficiency, and deliverables with FactoryTalk® Optix™, a new cloud-enabled HMI product addition to the Rockwell Automation visualization portfolio. Take advantage of new levels of collaboration, scalability, and interoperability to achieve your HMI vision –… Read more »

E-magy raises €20.5 million to scale nano-porous silicon anode material

Dutch advanced materials company E-magy has raised €20.5 million in new funding to prepare for industrial-scale production of its nano-porous silicon anode material for high-energy batteries. The funding consists of €15 million invested by Hydro, Invest-NL and RubioRubio, together with existing impact investors SHIFT Invest and PDENH, and a €5.5 million subsidy from the Dutch… Read more »

Ionic Mineral Technologies launches nano-silicon product for Li-ion cell manufacturers

Ionic Mineral Technologies, a developer of silicon anode battery materials, has launched Generation 1 Ionisil nano-silicon for lithium-ion cell makers. EV OEM production labs have independently confirmed that an all-silicon battery using Generation 1 Ionisil can reach a reversible capacity of 2,700 mAh/g and 2,500 mAh/g at a 2,000 mAh fast charging rate in half-cell… Read more »

Design considerations for interconnect technology used in EV powertrains

Sponsored by TTI. Electric vehicles are set to become the basis of future transport, and the transition is happening much more quickly than imagined. In recent months, EV uptake has increased dramatically, with the inflated oil prices currently being experienced likely to accelerate adoption still further. EV registrations are now getting close to one million… Read more »

Ford signs lithium and nickel deals to secure IRA-compliant supply

One way to gauge how serious an automaker is about electrification is to consider whether it’s securing supplies of the raw materials that will be required to build large quantities of EVs (as opposed to just issuing press releases about EVs). The US Inflation Reduction Act, which includes strong incentives to use raw materials sourced… Read more »

Schenck Process introduces battery cell feeder

Schenck Process, which provides bulk materials handling solutions, has introduced a feeding mechanism for battery electrode production. The modular feeding system works for continuous and batch battery mass manufacturing. CS+, a loss-in-weight feeding device for component dosing in battery manufacture, restricts dust emissions with a uniform containment approach, reducing manufacturing hazards. CS+ has a customizable… Read more »

LithTech launches novel raw material extraction technology for lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper and graphite

LithTech, an Australian firm, has announced its 2023 capital raising drive to enhance its magnesium separation process, which increases the brine extraction of essential raw elements, including nickel, lithium, cobalt, copper and natural graphite, used in EV batteries. After lab-scale testing, the Dow Centre at the University of Queensland has provided financial and technical support,… Read more »

World leading battery companies gather in Munich this June at InterBattery Europe Showcase

Sponsored by InterBattery Europe. InterBattery, South Korea’s largest and most influential exhibition for batteries, is launching for the first time in Europe as “InterBattery Europe Showcase” at ees Europe from June 14 to 16 in Munich. InterBattery Europe Showcase will be presenting global battery industry leaders like Samsung SDI, LG Energy Solution and LS Electric… Read more »