Reed Relays for Electric Vehicle and Charge Point Testing: Download the application guide

Sponsored by Pickering Interfaces. Pickering’s EV & Charge Point Testing application guide explains why high-isolation reed relays are a viable solution for instrumentation & test equipment intended for measuring high voltages & verifying the integrity of electrical insulation on electric vehicles & charging points. Full contents of the guide:

Ingenity Electric launches mCrate electric propulsion system for boat builders

Florida-headquartered electric boat builder Ingenity Electric, a brand of Correct Craft, has introduced its mCrate electric propulsion system, which was designed as a drop-in product in the under-35-foot range.  The GEN 3 design is an advance on the company’s earlier Nautique GS22E and Ingenity EL Dayboat projects. The system has a power range of 100… Read more »

MIT chemists develop an organic battery cathode for EVs

MIT researchers have designed a new lithium-ion battery using an organic cathode that contains no cobalt or nickel. In a new study, the researchers showed that this material an conduct electricity at similar rates as cobalt batteries, and could be produced at much lower cost. The new battery also has comparable storage capacity and charges… Read more »

SAE International forms committee to develop standard for energy-efficient and sustainable EVs

SAE International, in collaboration with Intel, has established a new committee to advance the energy efficiency of EVs. The Vehicle Platform Power Management Committee (J3311), which is chaired by Intel, aims to use power management principles from the PC industry to make all EVs more energy-efficient and sustainable. This new committee will establish a Vehicle… Read more »

Altilium partners with Nissan on EV battery recycling project

Nissan’s factory in Sunderland, England is ending production of the LEAF after 13 years—but that doesn’t mean the automaker is giving up on the UK EV market. On the contrary, Nissan is planning to build two new EVs at the plant, and is also working on a UK battery factory. A further sign of Nissan’s… Read more »

POSCO International’s drive motor core to power millions of Hyundai-Kia EVs

South Korean manufacturer POSCO International has secured an order for several million drive motor cores to be fitted on Hyundai-Kia’s Seltos class EVs and produced locally in Europe from 2025 to 2034. The order supports POSCO’s plans to build a production plant in Brzeg, Poland, which will  become the center of its European drive motor… Read more »

Knowles Precision Devices introduces supercapacitors that operate at up to 9 WVDC

Knowles Precision Devices has announced the availability of its latest Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC), or supercapacitor, modules. Based on Knowles’ Cornell Dubilier brand DGH and DSF Series supercapacitors, these capacitors use a three-cell package for higher operating voltages and printed circuit board space savings. Knowles acquired Cornell Dubilier in 2023 to expand its offering… Read more »

Ferroglobe and Coreshell to produce battery-grade metallurgical silicon for EVs

Ferroglobe, a producer of silicon metal and ferroalloys, and Coreshell, a US-based battery technology company, have signed a memorandum of understanding under which they plan to produce battery-ready metallurgical silicon for the development of low-cost, high-range EV batteries. Automakers are keen to use more silicon in anodes, because it can potentially store up to 10… Read more »

Eatron and University of Warwick develop new EV battery health algorithms

Eatron, a software company in Warwick, and Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) of University of Warwick have developed a new approach to evaluate an EV battery’s remaining useful life, improving performance, range and safety. VIPER–Validated & Integrated Platform for battery Remaining Useful Life, funded by the Faraday Institution, uses WMG’s advanced electrochemical models and Eatron’s cloud… Read more »

Video: Unico introduces new EV cell formation and test channels

EV test solutions provider Unico unveiled its new BAT300 Series, designed for use in cell formation and testing, at the International Battery Seminar this week.  The BAT300 Series, based on the Unico IDAC power platform, is a compact, all-in-one solution (480 VAC to DC) designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing testing efficiency. Unico’s Don… Read more »