Semiconductor shortages halt BMW and Daimler production lines

The global semiconductor shortage is halting production lines of both BMW and Daimler’s facilities in Germany. The shortages, which have widely affected nearly every automaker in the world, are continuing to make a dent in the production of both internal combustion engines and electric vehicles, making the continuing issue a widespread worry across the automotive […]

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BMW launches iX and i4 configurator

BMW has opened the online configurator for its new electric models i4 and iX. Prices for the electric sedan start at £51,905, for the larger electric SUV iX at £69,905. BMW also offers pre-configured models for both series. The pre-configured versions are intended to save customers the tedious process of putting together their model from […]

BMW i3 to end sales run in the USA in July

BMW apparently wants to end sales of its first all-electric production model i3 in the US very soon. Production for the US market is expected to cease as early as July. In other countries, however, the i3 will apparently continue to be sold, but reportedly only until 2022. The news of the i3’s withdrawal from […]