EVs reach 90% market share in Norway as the overall auto market falters

The days of ICE vehicles in Norway are numbered. Some years ago, the government set a goal of 100% electric sales by 2025, and that goal is well within sight. In the month of February, plug-in vehicles took 92.1% of the market, up from 90.1% year-on-year. Battery EVs took a 90% share, as recent tax… Read more »

2023 EV registrations in Europe surpass two million units, setting new record

In 2023, Europe’s auto market achieved its best sales since the pandemic, spurred partly by strong demand for EVs. New passenger vehicle registrations totaled almost 13 million units, up 14% compared to 2022. Battery EVs set a new record, selling over two million units and taking 15.7% of total market share. (Diesel cars still sold… Read more »

GM solves software problems, puts Chevy Blazer EV back on the market

The EV press has covered GM’s problems with its new Ultium vehicles in great detail, so now that the company has its new Chevrolet Blazer EV back on the market, it’s only fair that we report on how the company overcame the software issues that forced it to pause sales. Software is a key component… Read more »

BMW is building EVs and legacy gas-burners on the same production lines—and it seems to be working

Legacy automakers, keen to make an “orderly transition” to EVs, have embraced all kinds of half-measures, from PHEVs to awkward ICE-to-EV conversions to pick-your-powertrain production lines. Conventional wisdom among EV advocates is that this is a mistake—industry leader Tesla and other startups have generally taken a clean-sheet approach to designing both their cars and the… Read more »

EMT Madrid orders 50 Solaris electric buses

Polish bus maker Solaris has received an order for 20 Urbino 9 LE and 30 Urbino 12 electric buses from municipal transport company EMT Madrid. Deliveries are expected to be completed by July 2024. The low-entry 9 LE model accommodates 24 passengers, and the Urbino 12 accommodates 28. The city of Madrid, in accordance with… Read more »

Range Energy offers a calculator for commercial fleets to calculate the potential savings from its electric trailers

Range Energy’s powered trailers offer a novel solution to the challenges of electrifying long-haul on-road trucks, allowing haulers to enjoy the savings of electrification without the up-front investment required to buy electric tractors. Range Energy’s smart trailers are designed to easily hook up to any tow vehicle, and increase fuel efficiency (or boost the range… Read more »

Daimler Truck announces dealer certification program for EVs

Just like passenger cars, commercial vehicles are traditionally sold through dealerships, and these dealerships must also make investments in new facilities and training in order to sell EVs. Vehicle-makers are establishing certification programs to make sure their dealers are prepared to provide a good experience to their customers as they make the transition to EVs…. Read more »

Xos receives order for 12 of its SV electric stepvans

US electric truck manufacturer and fleet services provider Xos has received an order for 12 of its 22-foot SV stepvans from California-headquartered commercial laundry company Mission Linen Supply. The vehicles will be among the first of the longer 22-foot models to be delivered by Xos. They are suited to a variety of applications, including linen… Read more »

Cheaper EVs are starting to show up in smaller global markets

Media coverage of EVs tends to focus on the world’s largest auto markets: North America, Europe and Asia. Until recently, that’s been where most of the action was, but in many smaller markets around the world, voltage levels are starting to rise. Chinese automakers, which now have a range of lower-priced EVs to sell, are… Read more »

GM says equipping the next-gen Chevy Bolt EV with LFP batteries will save billions

EV enthusiasts were disappointed at GM’s decision to discontinue the popular (if a bit dull) Chevy Bolt EV last year. In hindsight, the move may have been premature—the new Ultium EVs that were supposed to replace the Bolt in GM’s lineup have been delayed, causing the company to post embarrassingly low EV sales figures for… Read more »