Kia prioritises Europe over the US in the face of battery trouble

Kia will be initially concentrating on getting its electric models to Europe before the South Korean company attempts to satisfy demand in the USA. The awkward situation for the popular carmaker was revealed in an interview with a top Kia manager in the USA. The decision to prioritise the European market lies in the company’s […]

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BASF to build battery materials plant in Germany, supplying up to 400,000 EVs per year

Chemical company BASF announced a new battery materials production site in Schwarzheide, Germany, as part of its multi-step investment in Europe’s EV value chain. The new plant will produce cathode active materials with an initial capacity enabling the supply of around 400,000 pure EVs per year with BASF battery materials. The company says the Schwarzheide… Read more »

Lucid signs supply agreement with LG Chem

Lucid Motors has signed a long-term supply contract with LG Chem. It covers the supply of LG Chem battery cells for the standard version of the Lucid Air electric sedan until 2023. Series production of the first Lucid Motors model is scheduled to begin at the end of this year in Casa Grande (Arizona). The […]

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Hydro-Québec commercializing electrolyte patents for solid-state batteries

Solid State Battery
The University of Texas at Austin has agreed to transfer patents relating to a new type of electrolyte to be used in solid-state lithium batteries to Hydro-Québec, Canada’s largest electricity producer. The patents are co-invented by Dr. John B. Goodenough—a professor at The University of Texas at Austin and the 2019 Nobel Laureate in chemistry—and… Read more »

95.6 GWh of EV battery capacity deployed in 2019

In 2019, 95.6 GWh of battery capacity was deployed globally in new passenger EVs, an increase of 30% over the prior year, according to a tracking system developed by Adamas Intelligence. Asia Pacific led the pack with 50.9 GWh deployed, an increase of 27% year-over-year. Europe followed with 23.9 GWh deployed, a large increase of… Read more »

Audi pauses e-tron production in Brussels

Audi is completely stopping production of the e-tron in Brussels for a few days due to supply chain issues. Short-time work has been announced for the plant, as the company has confirmed. First the business newspaper ‘l’Echo’ had reported about the forced production stop, which was later confirmed by an Audi spokesman to the Belgian […]

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Decreasing the risk of electrical shorts in Li-ion battery cells

Sponsored by Chroma System Solutions On rare occasions, an electrical short can develop inside a cell after passing production tests. This is due to burrs or particles on the positive electrode reaching the negative electrode after inflation occurs. If these cells that are susceptible to failure pass through to the end user, the results could be… Read more »

Is Tesla working on a 110 kWh battery?

According to leaked Tesla’s battery management system (BMS) firmware, Tesla is working on a 110-kWh battery pack. This should enable ranges of well over 400 miles or the equivalent of 644 kilometres. There are also rumours that European Model Y enthusiasts will have to wait until 2021 for their cars. According to US media, the […]

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Total/Saft and Groupe PSA/Opel to launch pilot plant for battery production

Saft, an affiliate of French oil and gas company Total, and Opel, a subsidiary of French automaker Groupe PSA, are establishing a joint venture called the Automotive Cell Company (ACC), which will create EV batteries starting in 2023. The project will begin with a phase of research and development, including construction of a €200-million (about… Read more »