New Jersey watchdog agency says utilities can’t invest ratepayer money in EVSE

New Jersey’s Division of Rate Counsel, a state agency charged with representing the interests of ratepayers in dealing with regulated utilities, is seeking to block two companies from spending hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars on EV infrastructure projects. In separate filings with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Division Director Stefanie Brand is… Read more »

Tri Delta Transit uses AMPLY Power’s charging platform to save on energy costs

Transit agency Tri Delta Transit, which operates 15 bus routes serving some 250,000 residents in Contra Costa County, California, is using a managed charging software platform from AMPLY Power to optimize its energy usage, while ensuring that its vehicles are charged and ready to work each day. Tri Delta Transit began operating electric buses from… Read more »

Tesla’s latest Autopilot Traffic Light update is hiding much more

Tesla’s Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control is arguably the company’s most advanced driver-assist feature yet. But if Elon Musk’s recent comments are any indication, the function is actually more capable than its current functions would suggest. Musk covered several key developments at Tesla during his opening remarks in the recently-held Q1 2020 earnings call. […]

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