Renewable Properties launches new electric truck charging service in California

As fleets electrify, the demand for heavy-duty charging facilities is exploding. Renewable Properties, a developer of small-scale utility and community solar projects, is in a good position to take advantage of this opportunity, as it has considerable expertise in solar development, land acquisition and electrical infrastructure. The company has launched a new turnkey EV fleet… Read more »

Velocity Vehicle Group trains workers to service heavy-duty EVs

As heavy-duty battery-electric trucks proliferate, the need for qualified repair technicians is growing, and training programs and companies are rushing to adapt. “In the last six months, the demand on the battery-electric side has just been crazy, the amount of growth that we’ve seen,” said Jason Shearer, VP for Service at the Velocity Vehicle Group,… Read more »

Mullen THREE EV truck receives California Air Resources Board certification

California-headquartered EV manufacturer Mullen Automotive has announced that its Mullen THREE Class 3 truck, which had previously obtained EPA certification, has now received CARB certification.  The truck now qualifies for sale throughout the US, including in CARB-compliant  jurisdictions. CARB certification also qualifies the Mullen THREE for EV incentive programs that vary by state. Under California’s… Read more »

Guardian Yards adds EV charging stations at Sacramento truck yard

California-headquartered Guardian Yards, an operator of industrial outdoor storage and truck parking yards, is introducing EV charging stations at its 25-acre truck parking depot in Sacramento’s Metro Air Park, a 1,320-acre industrial business park near Sacramento International Airport. Guardian Yards is working toward compliance with the California Air Resources Board’s Advanced Clean Fleets rule, which… Read more »

Major truck OEMs form PACT to advocate for EV infrastructure development

The pursuit of contradictory goals is a basic fact of human nature, and the commercial truck industry is no exception. Vehicle OEMs are investing large sums to advance the transition to electric vehicles, even as they lobby governments to water down the emissions regulations that are forcing that transition. Advocates of slowing the transition often… Read more »

Range Energy’s electrified semi-trailer now eligible for up to $120,000 incentive through California’s CORE Project

Range Energy makes electrified semi-trailers for the heavy-duty freight market. Range’s trailer, which is equipped with a battery pack (up to 300 kWh), an electric motor and (as a bonus) off-road mobile power, can be used with any semi-tractor, and the company says it can double the fuel mileage of a diesel rig while cutting… Read more »

Swiss cement supplier Holcim to order 1,000 Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 electric trucks

Swiss building materials producer Holcim has signed a joint letter of intent with Mercedes-Benz Trucks to purchase 1,000 eActros 600 electric trucks, the majority of which will be used with silo trailers for transporting building materials, including cement. It is the largest planned single order to date for the eActros 600. Around 50 prototype models… Read more »

Food company Mars to order 300 electric heavy-duty trucks

Some may think of Mars as a candy company (your correspondent has a weakness for peanut M&Ms), but it’s a food industry giant that owns 50 global brands, and operates a large truck fleet. Now the company has announced plans to put 300 heavy-duty electric trucks into operation in Europe by 2030, in partnership with… Read more »

New EU emissions targets would lead to end of new diesel truck sales by 2040

The road to a new set of emissions regulations tends to be a long one, winding through committees, public comment periods and court challenges, but as far as a layman can tell, the European Commission has reached the finish line, agreeing on CO2 targets for heavy-duty vehicles that would require phasing out almost all sales… Read more »