Milence opens one of Europe’s largest truck charging hubs at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Milence, the joint venture between Daimler Truck, the TRATON GROUP, and Volvo Group, opened its largest charging hub to date at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges in Belgium. With a total throughput of 289 million tonnes per year, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges is…

National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy aims to accelerate deployment of charging infrastructure for heavy-duty electric trucks

The Biden Administration has released the National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy, which will guide the deployment of zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure from 2024 to 2040. The Strategy is designed to target public investment to amplify private sector momentum, focus utility and regulatory energy planning, align industry activity, and improve… Read more »

bp pulse to build heavy-duty EV charging hub at major truck stop near Dover, England

Whatever you and I may think about oil companies moving into the EV charging space, it’s happening. bp pulse plans to build a heavy-duty EV charging hub at an enormous truck stop in England, as part of a strategy to create a Europe-wide network of electric truck charging infrastructure. The Ashford International Truckstop could hardly… Read more »

Mack’s mobile off-grid charging system helps customers evaluate EVs

Mack Trucks, part of the Volvo Group, has built a mobile off-grid charging system that’s integrated into the body of a Mack MD Electric truck. The system’s raison d’être is to help Mack customers test Class 6-8 electric vehicles, and evaluate their feasibility for their fleets. The mobile Mack MD Electric charging unit can be… Read more »

Range Energy offers a calculator for commercial fleets to calculate the potential savings from its electric trailers

Range Energy’s powered trailers offer a novel solution to the challenges of electrifying long-haul on-road trucks, allowing haulers to enjoy the savings of electrification without the up-front investment required to buy electric tractors. Range Energy’s smart trailers are designed to easily hook up to any tow vehicle, and increase fuel efficiency (or boost the range… Read more »

Video: Electric F-250 showcases Schaeffler’s EV components

Everyone seems to be getting into the EV game these days. Does the German automotive supplier Schaeffler have dreams of becoming the next Tesla? Well, not exactly. Yes, the company built an electric version of the Ford F-250 pickup truck, and yes, it’s a pretty cool ride. But the real point, as Scott from Schaeffler… Read more »

Daimler Truck announces dealer certification program for EVs

Just like passenger cars, commercial vehicles are traditionally sold through dealerships, and these dealerships must also make investments in new facilities and training in order to sell EVs. Vehicle-makers are establishing certification programs to make sure their dealers are prepared to provide a good experience to their customers as they make the transition to EVs…. Read more »

Depot charging for electric trucks could reduce out-of-route miles

Predicting the future of new technologies (or of anything) is a chancy business, to say the least. And yet, companies and policymakers must indulge in a bit of crystal-gazing in order to choose where to focus their investments. Vehicle electrification is still an emerging technology, and the only thing certain is that it remains uncertain… Read more »