Rivian Releases Magical New Photo Of Factory In Illinois

Without a factory, there can be no vehicles. Rivian is not a startup. That’s precisely why we thought it worthwhile to post this new image of the automaker’s factory in Normal, Illinois. The factory is currently undergoing a major transformation as Rivian prepares for production of the R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV. However, the […]

Watch Tesla Model S On Autopilot Hit Cement Divider: Video

The system is far from perfect, but it’s the most advanced available today. Luckily, the damage was very minor. However, in these edge-case scenarios, no current self-driving system on the market is able to always do what’s right. As Tesla states though, the driver should always be attentive and always in control of the car. We need […]

Musk Hints Tesla Pickup Truck Will Make Ram Seem “Puny”

Is that for hauling children’s toys? Has Elon Musk just suggested that a Tesla pickup truck will outhaul one of the mighty Ram trucks? That sure seems to be what he’s implying in a recent tweet. First, his words: 12,000 lbs!? How puny. Do you construct children’s toys? Of course, we need some context here to explain what Musk is […]

Porsche Taycan Draws New Buyers To Brand, Start Of New Era

Porsche sees influx of conquest customers in electric cars. We’ve seen this occur over and over again when it comes to a brand launching its first real electric car. At first, there’s reluctance, but then as the orders begin to pour in then the mood changes. With Porsche, that’s what’s going on right now with regards […]

Biggest Delivery Wave In Tesla History Is Underway, Says Musk

Let’s all just ride this here wave. Tesla CEO Elon Musk emailed all Tesla employees to detail an unprecedented delivery push. The Tesla delivery wave is higher than ever and this is gonna be epic. Of course, it’s driven largely by the Tesla Model 3. The email, which went out today, states: “What has made […]

Tesla To Close Order Books For Model S, X 75D Next Monday

Thus widening the price gap between the Model 3 and its soon-to-be-more-expensive stablemates. After this weekend you’ll no longer be able to order the cheapest current versions of the Tesla Model S and X. Last call for the 75-kWh battery versions. So, come Monday, the Tesla Model S 75D and Tesla Model X 75D will […]

* Now Live! Watch Nissan LEAF “High-Performance” CES Livestream Video Here

Nissan is set to introduce a new vehicle at CES 2019. We believe it to be the Nissan LEAF e-Plus, as the video’s image perhaps suggests too. And so too does the translated Japanese text, which reads LEAF high performance. So, LEAF e-Plus then? According to Nissan, this is what we should expect at CES […]