Proterra Launches $200 Million Credit Facility For Battery Lease Program

Upfront costs to be lowered to the level of diesel buses Proterra announced a new partnership with Mitsui & Co., a Japanese investment and trading company, to create a $200 million credit facility in support of a battery lease program. The idea of the battery lease program (separate to the rest of the vehicle) is […]

Audi E-Tron Production Stalls Out, E-Tron Sportback Delayed

Battery shortages, electric motors shortages… e-tron Sportback postponed Worrying news comes from Audi‘s Brussels plant where – according to unofficial sources – production of Audi e-tron is slowing down because of a lithium-ion battery cell shortage. Audi isn’t receiving enough cells from LG Chem, and, according to the article, a separate issue is that LG […]

NIO Presents ET Preview & Latest Tech At Shanghai Auto Show

New NIO electric sedan looks promising NIO was present at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show with everything it has, starting from the EP9  the racing halo car, NIO EVE Vision concept, ES8 flagship, new ES6 SUV, NIO Formula E Team car, battery swap stations, new charger NIO Power Charger, new dual-motor drive with torque vectoring and […]

Geely Geometry A At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show: Photos & Videos

Geely to penetrate the EV market using its new Geometry brand Chinese manufacturer Geely recently launched in Singapore its all-new, all-electric brand Geometry and the first model Geometry A. It’s especially interesting because having Volvo, Polestar, Lynk & Co brands, as well as its own goal to electrify the entire lineup of Geely by 2022, […]

Hyundai Plug-In Electric Car Sales Shoot Over 8,000 In March

Kona Electric back to 5,000+ sales per month territory There is nothing better than good news for a good start to the day. Hyundai just released its sales report for the month of March, indicating strong growth of its plug-in car sales after two months of lower performance. Sales amounted to 8,072, which is the second-best […]

Tesla Captures 45% Of Electric Car Sales In Europe In March

1/40 new cars sold in Western Europe were electric in March. Sales of new passenger electric cars in Western Europe reached new record levels in March and in the first quarter, mostly thanks to a full month of volume deliveries of the Tesla Model 3. According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (, the total number of […]

In March 2019 Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Spain Increased 176%

Spain continues its growth towards 2% market share Strong sales of the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan LEAF put Spain on the path of high growth. In March, plug-in electric car registrations increased by about 176% year-over-year to 2,084. Market share amounted to 1.7%. During the first quarter, sales doubled to almost 4,500. March brings record deliveries of the […]

In March 2019, 75% Of Electric Car Sales In The U.S. Were Teslas

Tesla’s result in March: 53% of all plug-ins sold and 75% of all BEVs Tesla increased its electric car sales in the U.S. in March by 46% year-over-year to 14,625 (InsideEVs’ estimation), despite the reduced federal tax credit and sales ramp-up in Europe/China. We must note that sales of all of the other plug-ins decreased in March […]