MIT chemists develop an organic battery cathode for EVs

MIT researchers have designed a new lithium-ion battery using an organic cathode that contains no cobalt or nickel. In a new study, the researchers showed that this material an conduct electricity at similar rates as cobalt batteries, and could be produced at much lower cost. The new battery also has comparable storage capacity and charges… Read more »

SAE International forms committee to develop standard for energy-efficient and sustainable EVs

SAE International, in collaboration with Intel, has established a new committee to advance the energy efficiency of EVs. The Vehicle Platform Power Management Committee (J3311), which is chaired by Intel, aims to use power management principles from the PC industry to make all EVs more energy-efficient and sustainable. This new committee will establish a Vehicle… Read more »

POSCO International’s drive motor core to power millions of Hyundai-Kia EVs

South Korean manufacturer POSCO International has secured an order for several million drive motor cores to be fitted on Hyundai-Kia’s Seltos class EVs and produced locally in Europe from 2025 to 2034. The order supports POSCO’s plans to build a production plant in Brzeg, Poland, which will  become the center of its European drive motor… Read more »

Eatron and University of Warwick develop new EV battery health algorithms

Eatron, a software company in Warwick, and Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) of University of Warwick have developed a new approach to evaluate an EV battery’s remaining useful life, improving performance, range and safety. VIPER–Validated & Integrated Platform for battery Remaining Useful Life, funded by the Faraday Institution, uses WMG’s advanced electrochemical models and Eatron’s cloud… Read more »

OneD and Koch Modular partner to produce silicon-graphite anode materials for EV batteries

OneD Battery Sciences, a nanotechnology startup, and Koch Modular Process Systems, a process engineering design and modular construction company, have announced a strategic partnership to mass-produce silicon-graphite anode materials for EVs. Koch Modular’s silane gas manufacturing expertise and OneD’s SINANODE technology transform silane into nano-silicon in EV cell-qualified graphite anodes. This partnership will process and… Read more »

Mitsubishi Electric releases SiC and Si power modules for EVs

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the coming release of six new power semiconductor modules for various EVs. The J3-Series modules contain either a silicon carbide metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (SiC-MOSFET) or a silicon RC-IGBT. They feature compact designs and scalability for use in the inverters of EVs and PHEVs. All six J3-Series products will be available… Read more »

Amprius expands product portfolio with new silicon anode battery platform

US-based battery manufacturer Amprius Technologies has expanded its silicon anode battery line for electric mobility. The new SiCore product platform produces high-energy-density silicon anode batteries that outperform graphite cells using a proprietary silicon anode material technology, according to the company. The new silicon anode cell offers up to 400 Wh/kg specific energy and 1,200 cycles… Read more »

Stellantis Ventures invests in Tiamat’s sodium-ion battery technology

Stellantis Ventures has made a strategic investment in France-based sodium-ion battery developer Tiamat. Tiamat says its sodium-ion technology is lithium- and cobalt-free and cheaper per kilowatt hour (kWh) when compared with lithium-ion batteries. The wide availability of sodium boosts sustainability and material sovereignty.  Tiamat will use the new funding to start construction of a sodium-ion… Read more »

Farasis Energy researches plastic battery housing for increased EV safety

Farasis Energy, a battery manufacturing company, Kautex Textron, a supplier of energy storage systems, and the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics aim to make plastic-based battery housings safer by means of virtual design to increase the safety of EVs. Farasis, which develops and produces lithium-ion battery technology and pouch cells for electromobility, is developing a… Read more »

QuantumScape introduces a new cell format for solid-state EV batteries

QuantumScape, a US battery company, has introduced a new cell format, FlexFrame, for solid-state EV batteries. FlexFrame combines pouch and prismatic cells. The FlexFrame architecture has a frame that wraps around the cell stack and a flexible polymer laminate outer layer like pouch cells. The cell is anode-free and the cell stack is contracted, with… Read more »