Podcast with EV battery recycler

Interview promo Dickson Leow on EV battery recycling
In this Fleet News Group podcast, host Caroline Falls talks with Dickson Leow, General Manager at infinitev, which saves spent electric vehicle batteries from landfill.  The interview was just a day after Leow presented at the inaugural Australian Battery Recycling and Manufacturing Summit where he had the opportunity to talk about what infinitev are doing. “Essentially Infinitev […]

There are still ‘significant gaps to close’ in UAW negotiations: Ford

Despite making some progress in contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, Ford says there are still some major gaps to address before an agreement is reached. The statement comes after Ford avoided escalated strikes by meeting some UAW demands last week, just as parts workers walked out of 38 Stellantis and General […]

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Tesla latest Cybertruck units show impeccable build quality

Tesla Cybertruck units that are being called “manufacturing confirmation” builds are being seen on the Giga Texas property as the company is revamping the factory to full production after a stoppage to upgrade lines. These units show impeccable build quality, and they are the best Cybertruck builds we have seen to date. With the Cybertruck […]

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EVs set to use Tesla NACS, lamppost charging, EV battery sustainability: Today’s Car News

Shoppers are wondering about carbon footprint, but answers are cloudy. Streetside charging plans advance in Britain ahead of a policy backtrack. And we round up all the EV brands planning to tap into the Tesla Supercharger network and make the switch t…

Turntide releases new NMC battery pack

US-based Turntide Technologies, a developer of energy-efficient technologies, has launched a lithium-ion nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) battery pack for off-highway EV applications such as construction, agricultural equipment, marine and rail. The Turntide lithium-ion NMC battery pack combines NMC cells with an integrated battery management system (BMS) to deliver higher energy density and performance than the previous Hyperdrive… Read more »