When Tesla’s tax credits expire, which electric car would you buy? Twitter poll results

Last week, we reported that the federal tax credits for electric-car buyers are about to expire. Once any automaker sells 200,000 electric cars, the credits available to its buyers begin to wind down. Since Tesla has been selling electric cars longer t…

“Be first. Drive electric.”– smart launches international campaign for the EQ models

“Be first. Drive electric.”– under this motto, smart is launching an international campaign to accompany the market launch of the EQ fortwo and forfour models. The campaign with a strong digital bias centres on boldly trying out something n…

Kia planning to produce EVs in India

The South Korean manufacturer is planning to produce BEVs and PHEVs in their future factory in the Indian Anantapur. Kia is investing 1.1 billion dollars into the factory. The production capacity is planned to stand around 300,000 vehicles per year. Latest by 2021, Kia is planning to bring a fully electric vehicle to India’s market. […]

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Byton reveals electric premium sedan K-Byte

Just before the CES Asia in Shanghai, Byton has decided to pull back the curtain on their newest concept: The fully electric premium sedan K-Byte. They also announced the name for their e-SUV; It will be called the M-Byte. While Byton’s SUV concept represents a prototype close to serial production, the K-Byte follows a more […]

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