Tesla notes 395 environmental objections to Giga Berlin

In the third public participation in the approval procedure for Tesla’s planned vehicle factory in Grünheide, 395 new objectors raised objections to the planned Gigafactory. A new public hearing will therefore be necessary. The Brandenburg State Office for the Environment has decided to schedule another hearing to discuss the objections. The date this time will […]

GAC Aion V charges in 8 minutes

The Chinese car manufacturer GAC plans to launch the Aion V with a graphene battery in September. In a demonstration, the car is said to have managed a charging process from zero to 80 per cent in eight minutes. GAC Aion showcased its super-fast charging technology in two versions, 3C and 6C. According to CN […]

Report: China cuts EV pricing by almost half since 2011, while prices continue to climb in the US and Europe

JATO Dynamics shared its latest report on the evolution of the electric vehicle markets in China, the US and Europe. ‘EVs – A pricing challenge’’ includes JATO’s industry-leading data and insights, exploring EV pricing over the past 10 years, alongside…

GAC Honda to build new plant with 120,000 annual capacity

The Chinese joint venture GAC Honda wants to increase its production capacities for electric cars and plug-in hybrids by 120,000 vehicles per year with the construction of a new plant. Construction is scheduled to begin in October this year and be completed in 2024. The new facilities will include a test track for cars, a […]

Xpeng to double capacities at Zhaoqing factory

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng has announced that it will expand its existing plant in Zhaoqing. This will double the annual production capacity there to 200,000 vehicles. According to the manufacturer, an agreement has been reached with the Zhaoqing municipal government and the Zhaoqing High Technology Industry Development Zone to build the second phase […]

Nio to launch affordable EV subsidiary brand

The Chinese manufacturer Nio is planning a new brand for more affordable electric cars. While Nio wants to be active in the premium segment like Audi or Lexus, the new brand will compete more against Volkswagen and Toyota. Nio CEO William Li announced the new brand when presenting the latest quarterly figures. “The relationship between […]