Electric Car Insurance Up to 60% More Expensive Than ICE In UK

Electric car owners in UK are charged up to 60% more for insurance than in the case of comparable conventional gasoline cars. According to the consumer website HonestJohn.co.uk, dearer insurance could be one of the causes that all-electric car sales in the UK decreased by over 3% during the first half of this year. The […]

Electric Car Myths Must Be Dispelled For EVs To Take Off

Government and industry ‘must dispel’ electric car ‘myths’ The UK government and car industry have been told they must “dispel the myths” surrounding electric vehicles (EVs) after it emerged that only a third of UK drivers expect to own an EV within 10 years. A study commissioned by the AA found that just 35 percent […]

Percent Of Motorists In UK Who Intend To Switch To EVs Is Decreasing

While in early 2017 Venson reported that 85% of motorists would seriously consider buying an electric vehicle in the UK, this summer it turns out that only a fraction of that amount responded the same. Well, we knew it must be too good to be true. According to a new survey from Venson Automotive Solutions, only […]

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Priced From £34,255 (OTR) In UK

Mitsubishi just announced pricing and specifications for the 2019 Outlander PHEV for the British market, which gets first deliveries in Europe. The leading plug-in hybrid in Europe will be available in three trim levels (Juro, 4h and 4hs). The base one starts at £34,255 (≈$44,800) after deduction of the £2,500 Plug-In Car Grant. With a […]

Top 5 Markets For All-Electric Cars In Europe

Norway is not the biggest European country, in fact it’s one of the smallest in terms of population, but still manages to stay on top the all-electric car market in Europe. The rolling 12-month total sales for the top five markets, provided by EagleAID, shows that Germany is consistently growing for a strong second after Norway, […]