Hyundai Kona Electric Makes The EV Normal

The Hyundai Kona is considered by many as the mainstream, completely ordinary, and easy to live with compact battery-powered SUV For many, the dawn of the electric revolution in the automotive world meant flashy and high-powered Tesla’s, packed with impressive additions from the likes of the Model S and Model X. However, for most of us, […]

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Rocks ADV.1 Wheels

Aftermarket industry is slowly rolling out their products for the Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is quickly becoming the darling of the automotive world. It’s one of the most appealing electric vehicles on the market today. It owes most of its popularity to the somewhat affordable price tag that provides an impressive bang for […]

Porsche Taycan Electric Range: Distance You Can Drive In 24 Hours

Porsche is aiming to introduce a new electric vehicle metric with the Taycan The Porsche Taycan is slowly taking over the high-performance luxury world by storm. The upcoming battery-powered vehicle is being preordered like beer at a frat party, and already, the German carmaker is aiming to push the production numbers per year from 20,000 […]

What’s It Like To Live In A Tesla Model X? Find Out Here

The owner decided to try Tiny Living in his Tesla Model X while working as a Lyft driver. For many, living in their car means either being broke or, well, being utterly broke. There’s only a small percentage of people that actually consider living in their vehicle for a prolonged amount of time a great […]

Failure Of “Tesla Killers” Actually Boost Tesla

Each failed “Tesla Killer” makes Tesla even stronger. Until any legacy carmaker comes up with a vehicle capable of hitting 60 from a standstill in under 3.0 seconds, with a range of over 300 miles and fast charging options, all these “Tesla Killers” are doing is simply making Tesla’s position stronger. After a year of […]

Iridium To Launch E Mobil Electric Motorhome: Charge While You Sleep

The eco-friendly camping solution comes due to teamwork by a consortium of German companies The Iridium E Mobil could become the first all-electric motorhome. Revealed as a team effort by a consortium of German companies, this eco-friendly solution might become a rather fetching idea for anyone that loves camping and is all in towards a fully electric […]

Tesla Employees Rank Elon Musk As #1 Automotive CEO In 2018

The recognition comes despite all the drama surrounding Musk and all his companies for the past 12 months In what can easily be considered as one of the most daunting years behind almost all of Musk’s companies, his employees valued all the efforts & hard work done by their glorious leader and have given him […]

Tesla Model X P100D In Dark Blue Matte Metallic Stuns On ADV.1 Wheels

The aftermarket wheel company made a set of custom ADV6 M.V2 SL Series forged wheels for this luxury high-performance electric seven-seater Going with a set of aftermarket wheels for your Tesla Model X might not be the first thing that pops to mind. Seat covers, a more robust cargo net or simply, more in-car entertainment, […]

Hyundai Kona Electric Is Next Best Thing To Expensive Teslas: Video

The small crossover from the South Korean carmaker certainly has a lot going for itself. Clearly, Tesla is still not ready to give you that $35,000 entry-level electric car. In turn, that means that some of the already available electric cars in that price range, ones that tick all the boxes, might eat away at […]