eMotorWerks and LO3 Energy introduce platform to connect EV owners with microgrids

EVSE manufacturer eMotorWerks has partnered with LO3 Energy to explore the idea of combining energy demand from EV charging with a local microgrid powered by green energy. An initial project will connect eMotorWerk’s JuiceNet EV charging platform to one of LO3’s transactive energy marketplaces, allowing local renewable energy to be traded between EV owners and… Read more »

Watch Tesla Model X P100D Race Lamborghini Aventador: 360 Video

It’s a battle between an electric SUV and a gas supercar. This most unlikely of matchups is only because the Tesla Model X P100D has crushed everything else thrown its way, so why not pit it against a vehicle that shouldn’t be beaten? That’s precisely what the team at CarWow has done here, but is the result what you’d […]

Red Tesla Semi Spotted

Is Tesla is expanding its Semi fleet? A new red Tesla Semi was spotted the other day in LA and at the Kettleman City Supercharger. It’s not yet clear entirely clear whether it’s an all-new prototype or one of the previous black Semis, wrapped in red (plate numbers XP24261 are the same as in case […]

2018 EV Recap: The Year Of The Electric Vehicle And Tesla Prevails

TESLA RISING: A YEAR-END ROUND UP OF ELECTRIC VEHICLE NEWS FOR 2018 2018 could well go down in history as “the year of the electric vehicle,” as several events that had been heralded as important tipping points occurred during the year. The millionth EV was sold in the US, Tesla reached the final phase of […]

Tesla ends Q4 2018 with a flourish, passes 190k total Model 3 VIN registrations

Tesla started 2018 as an electric car maker struggling to ramp the production of its most ambitious vehicle. As Q4 2018 comes to a close, it is becoming apparent that Tesla is closing the year as a carmaker that can hold its own against the veterans of the hyper-competitive auto industry. Seemingly as a final […]

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