Production Volkswagen I.D. Buggy Would Be A Low-Volume Halo EV

Volkswagen still developing a business case for all-electric dune buggy. Volkswagen has developed a penchant for bringing modern takes of some of its most famous vehicles to the world’s auto shows as all-electric concepts. Unfortunately, none of those concepts has made it through to production (yet), and with the Beetle on its way out the door, […]

Polestar Cube Is All-Electric Brand’s New Digs, Not A Destroyer Of Worlds

Assimilate this. Of the many big baddies from the Star Trek universe, the Swedish-sounding Borg rank as one of the most terrifying, with their faceless cube-shaped ships destroying anything and everything in their path. This cube in Sweden is not a destroyer of worlds, though. It’s just the new home of Polestar. Called (imaginatively) the Polestar Cube, the […]

2018 BMW i3s BEV Test Drive Review: Loud, But Silent

More power brings a dose of pep to this all-electric lifestyle vehicle, but it’s no match for newer competition. BMW i3s BEV – VERDICT 6.4 / 10 Modern electric vehicles are increasing their driving range and decreasing their visual shoutiness. We’re long past the stage where EVs need wild and crazy sheet metal to attract […]