2 days left to join the Virtual Conference on EV Infrastructure

There are just two days left to reserve your spot at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Infrastructure, which starts on Monday. The free-to-attend conference will be broadcast December 4 – 6, 2023, featuring live presentations, interactive Q&As, on-demand webinars and whitepaper downloads. All live webcast sessions will also be recorded and available on-demand after… Read more »

EPRI’s new groundbreaking grid planning tool for electric transportation (Webinar)

As part of EPRI’s EVS2Scale2030, eRoadMAP, is a first-of-its-kind interactive online resource intended to help effectively plan for the power and infrastructure needed to serve light-, medium-, and heavy-duty EVs. With data contributed from initiative collaborators such as Daimler Truck North America, Amazon and Volvo Group North America, the eRoadMAP tool offers fleet operators, auto… Read more »

An open-source operating system for charging infrastructure: why one stack should charge them all (Webinar)

The e-mobility revolution is not just about driving fun with great electric vehicles. Just as important are the technology and software that make charging fun. The dilemma with charging and the charging infrastructure can be summarized briefly and concisely: There are too many obstacles caused by a lack of compatibility between the various providers and… Read more »

Tips for fleet managers transitioning from diesel to EVs (Webinar)

Transitioning a fleet from diesel to electric can be challenging without proper guidance. In this keynote presentation at next week’s Virtual Conference on EV Infrastructure, Siemens will discuss key items for fleet managers to consider, including: The goal of this presentation is to help fleets to optimize their investment in electric vehicles and ensure a… Read more »

Low electrical conductivity coolants for EV charging applications (Webinar)

High-voltage charging stations require fluid to cool the internals. The challenge is that the fluid must maintain very low levels of conductivity to avoid short-circuits, etc. In this session at the Virtual Conference on EV Infrastructure to learn about low electrical conductivity coolants that are widely used in major EV charging systems in the EV… Read more »

The advantages of dynamic power sharing EV chargers for fleets (Webinar)

In this session at the Virtual Conference on EV Infrastructure, we will discuss a high-power 600 kW charging solution that allows dynamic allocation of power via four independent plugs for fleet charging. The charger architecture and software solutions will be explained in detail, showing the advantage when compared to individual chargers. The availability of different… Read more »

Henkel’s high-performance battery sealing technology

Sponsored by Henkel. Delivering Innovtion, Expertise and Reliability For Battery Manufacturers Globally After decades building a reputation for performance and reliability among global OEMs and component suppliers, Henkel has expanded its broad portfolio of adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings to serve EV manufacturers with innovative solutions across the EV segment. When it comes to ensuring… Read more »

Elevate the efficiency of EV battery systems with electronic components (Whitepaper)

Sponsored by Ametek. The increase of vehicles becoming electric, autonomous, and connected causes the demands for safety and reliability to be at an all-time high. Safety is more than just the chassis of the vehicle; it also lies within the electronic materials of the interior components, such as the sensor technology within the battery management…. Read more »

How to use innovative financing to electrify your fleet (Webinar)

The question around fleet electrification is no longer “Why?” but rather “When?” and “How?” The process of transitioning to operating an electric fleet can be lengthy and the upfront costs can feel daunting, so how can fleets join the electrification revolution without breaking the bank? Fleets can take advantage of financing available from sources such… Read more »