Improving speed to market: Navigating EV assembly challenges

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution gains more momentum every day, driving change to automotive manufacturing in unprecedented ways. With rapidly growing demand comes the need to rapidly scale assembly operations — and that can create significant challenges.  Vehicle manufacturers constantly seek new, more productive automation technologies to boost their quality and productivity. Along with many… Read more »

Selecting hardware to enhance EV charger design

The move from traditional engine vehicles to Electric Vehicles is driving a need for engineered equipment and infrastructure to support the transformation. The arrival of advanced technologies and the exponential growth predicted for electric vehicle charging is inviting industrial designers to consider a new mix of design challenges. As more EV Charging Stations are deployed,… Read more »

Solenoid fundamentals: magnetic latching solenoids

One of the most challenging parts of new product realization is identifying optimal technology from the onset of a system concept. With the rapid development of the next generation of mobility technology in the form of vehicle electrification, alternative fuels such as hydrogen fuel cell technology, and the overall drive for higher efficiency, the landscape… Read more »

Flexible and scalable EV battery cycler

The need to quickly increase EV battery testing capacity is making validation labs harder to manage and forcing engineering teams to explore ways to sustainably scale up their test lab operations. From few to dozens of test cells, managing power from the battery cyclers is one of the main challenges that impacts lab efficiency, CO2… Read more »

Improving EV powertrain testing and validation

Sponsored by Unico Welcome to the first installment of Unico’s Test Stand Tech Tips. Here, Unico will provide you with a brief introduction to its solutions and welcome you to watch the video below, where the Director of Engineering, Don Wright, will walk you through some of the benefits associated with the implementation of SiC… Read more »

Webinar: How scalable is your EV battery test lab?

Gear up your EV battery test lab with scalable, end-to-end testing Testing EV batteries involves more than just battery cycling. With the range of test equipment options on the market, what advantages will give you a competitive edge to achieve the scalability you need? The right approach to test enables you to adapt and scale with… Read more »

Amping-up EV batteries with a materials mindset

Sponsored by Dupont Before this decade is over, even conservative estimates indicate that at least two out of three cars produced in the world will be electrically powered. This figure accounts for both fully battery-powered and hybrid propulsion system vehicles. There are some hard truths involved in engineering mobility for the future. Systems, safety, and… Read more »

Laser bonding can cut battery assembly costs by 50% (Whitepaper)

Sponsored by F&K Delvotec Battery packs for e-vehicles are dropping in cost faster than ever predicted – this is one reason why the e-mobility markets are still growing at an expected 25% annual rate even over the next ten years. What is behind this drop in cost? It is not just the cost of cells… Read more »

How Phoenix Contact’s e-mobility infrastructure is shaping charging technology

Sponsored by Phoenix Contact Phoenix Contact Group is made up of 15 German and four international companies, along with 11 manufacturing locations, and has a footprint in more than 100 countries. The 99-year-old company offers creative solutions in the fields of connection technology, electronics and automation and is independent in its entrepreneurial and decision-making freedom…. Read more »

Innovative approaches to electrified propulsion system development

Sponsored by AVL There are many ways to develop an e-drive system, or a vehicle with an e-drive system as the source of propulsion. Traditional development methods, while effective for some applications, also present some major challenges—especially when it comes to scalability. Technical and non-technical issues challenge developers and manufacturers in this propulsion system development… Read more »