Tesla Model Y Reimagined As A Rugged Off-Roader

It’s the all-electric, off-road Tesla we never knew we needed. The Tesla Model Y has big shoes to fill. The compact crossover chases the lauded Model 3, with promises of a three-row layout, Long Range and Performance trims, all-wheel drive, and a starting price of $39,000 (in 2021). But here’s one option Tesla neglected to mention during its […]

Jaguar Considers Becoming Electric-Only Within Next Decade

The I-Pace was just the jumping off point. Everyone wants to take on Tesla, it seems… or maybe certain companies just see the benefit of electric motors over internal combustion engines. Whatever the case, Jaguar might be the latest in a laundry list of brands to do so. Following the initial success of the I-Pace, the British marque could switch […]

Pagani Plans Electric Supercar

The EV won’t be here until 2025. Not even companies like Pagani are immune to change. Though the Italian automaker has been building V12-powered hypercars since the mid ’90s, new reports suggest that an electric vehicle is on its way. It will be one of two new cars built by the company before the year […]

Minis Keep Getting Bigger: Batteries To Blame?

The 2019 Countryman is the largest Mini ever – and also the first with a hybrid setup. The first Mini, built in 1959, definitely lived up to its name. It measured in at 6.7-feet (80.4 inches) long. Compare that to the current Mini Cooper, which stretches out to 13.1-feet long (with a four-door configuration), and […]