Car review – Genesis GV60

It’s taken a month for me to finalise this review of the Genesis GV60, yet the driving experience is still so fresh in my mind I expect to walk outside and find it still in my driveway. This car delivers everything that the future promised us with zero emissions motoring. If you’ve seen one on […]

Volvo to build electric trucks in Australia

In 2022, Volvo Group celebrated 50 years of manufacturing Volvo Trucks in Australia. And in 2023 the 75,000th truck across all brands was rolled off the production line. As we enter a phase of fleet electrification and alternative fuel technologies, the future of the Volvo factory remains secure with confirmation that there are plans to […]

Public chargers used more than expected

Evie Networks has one of the largest electric vehicle public charging networks so we spoke to Bernhard Conoplia, Head of Charging at Evie Networks, to find out more about the growth and utilisation of public charging stations. How many charging sites do you have in the network and how many are you planning to build? […]

The next employee benefit – EV chargers at work

If you’re looking to attract and retain employees in the next decade you might want to consider an old school employee benefit – the car space. But make sure it has access to an electric vehicle charging port. In the ‘olden days’, organisations would allocate parking spaces to senior managers normally starting with the Managing […]

The boost button brings a smile

When I picked up the Genesis GV70 electric it took few days before I stopped being jealous of Tesla drivers. Finally I realised I was driving a zero emission luxury SUV that didn’t need to scream to world – I’M ELECTRIC! The GV70 SUV in the petrol 3.5 litre twin turbo version is one of […]

Genesis G80 – electrified

The solar panels on the roof are the only hint that this Genesis G80 sedan is a EV. There’s no badges or obvious design features that scream ‘I’m a zero emissions vehicle!’. An EV spotter might take a second glance at the grill, though many late model vehicles are adopting similar styling. A low key […]

What is an i-Pedal?

cool ev alloy pedals
Have you ever driven a dodgem car? That’s where the i-Pedal (also called an e-Pedal) idea came from; using one pedal to control acceleration and braking in an electric vehicle. When Nissan announced back in 2017 that the new model Nissan Leaf would come with an e-Pedal, I immediately thought they had removed the brake […]

Polestar MD confirms fleet is a strong focus

Polestar made a big impression at the National Public Sector Fleet Managers’ Conference in 2022 with their approach to zero emissions vehicle production. Most fleets are focused on reducing vehicle emissions, and possibly achieving net-zero, but Polestar is challenging the automotive world to manufacturer a climate-neutral vehicle. In January I caught up with Samantha Johnson, […]

I drove an electric Hilux!

The LinkedIn post back in December caused a tsunami of enquires and got the attention of Fleet Managers are under pressure to reduce emissions but need fit-for-purpose dual cab utes. “I have 38 Electric Toyota Hilux trucks with full mine spec available for delivery in Australia. The Hilux has a 88kw battery delivering 400 klms […]