Eco-driving tips for your electric fleet

If electric vehicles are meant to reduce emissions and be better for the environment, is there still a need to drive economically? Yes, because the less energy you use, regardless of the fuel source, the cheaper it will be to run your fleet. Eco-driving is one of the steps to reducing fleet emissions though it […]

What EVs can I add to my fleet?

Fleet Managers that were early adopters didn’t have many options when looking to add electric vehicles to their fleets. Hyundai was the first manufacturer to sell any significant volumes to fleets while Tesla was the preferred EV for individuals. In the recently State of Electric Vehicles released in October 2022, there were 17 manufacturers offering […]

Should employees charge EVs at home?

It appears most Fleet Managers have overcome the issue of range when considering electric vehicles thanks to the improvements in battery technology and continuous education campaigns from advocates of electric vehicles. The next big hurdle is employee charging. Should they charge at home, at work, or via a public charging network? Organisations transitioning early are […]

Stretch target – zero emission deliveries by 2025

In 2019, IKEA Australia announced they were introducing electric delivery vehicles and had set a target of zero emissions for all deliveries by 2025. In 2022 they have 10 electric delivery vehicles and are doubling down on the 2025 goal. I spoke to Brendan Groll, Customer Fulfilment Strategic Sourcing Manager at IKEA, to learn more […]

Images of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

When they told me I was getting the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Aspire, I said, “Great. I’m getting the fleet model.” Image my surprise when I opened the door and found an interior that was spacious and well appointed. Most EV or PHEV models are far from basic and often come in a higher specification level […]

EV Automotive

At the AEVA Expo in Canberra I had a quick chat with David Potter, Managing Director at EV Automotive, and learnt about the amazing journey he and the team had been on since deciding to become an importer of electric vans. We caught up again in Melbourne outside the Megatrans event and had a longer […]

EVs don’t need to be small

large EV new kia
Kia is getting ready to release the EV9 which is a large SUV (think Nissan Patrol size) which demonstrates how fast battery and electric powertrain technology is developing. The EV9 is being out through an intensive final round of testing before the world debate in 2023. It will become the flagship model for Kia and […]

5 steps to reduce fleet emissions

There’s been lots of talk about electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the media since the Federal election as Australia catches up with the rest of the world by supporting zero emissions transport. As a result of this activity, fleets have become the focal point for many organisations and Fleet Managers are being asked to […]