Honda Shows Off Its First Electric Motorcycle

…and it’s dirty! The Honda CR electric prototype is seen in action for the first time in this maddeningly brief video posted to YouTube. This seems to be a “demonstration run” of Honda’s prototype electric dirtbike. Our sources tell us the rider is Kazumasa Masuda. The video description says “The electric motocrosser ‘CR electric prototype (CR ELECTRIC […]

The Vector: You Can Invest In The Electric Motorcycle Business

You too could own a tiny part of an electric motorcycle startup. Crowdfunding is the new thing for everything, these days–even motorcycles. Arc, a British startup, is using crowdfunding to get its electric motorcycle into production. This funding isn’t the same as the platforms you’re probably familiar with; “Crowdcube” is an equity-based platform for crowdfunding. […]

Witness The Epic Drag Race Between The H2 And The LS-218

Supercharger versus electric power. In the realm of superbikes, speed comes in all shape and sizes. While it is virtually impossible to reach the limits of these models built for speed on the road, that’s when hitting the track for a few laps or a few quarter-mile runs come in handy. Two guys got to put […]

Rumor Control: So, Husky Is Coming Up With An Electric Scooter?

The wheels on the rumor mill go ’round and ’round. Nobody is immune to the booming electric trend. Between the newly formed Big Four swappable battery consortium, the exploding number of e-motorcycles startups, and virtually every bike brand on the face of the Earth working on something electric-y, ready or not, the electric revolution is coming. At Husqvarna’s, […]

The Future Electric Kawasaki Could Be A Ninja?

Team Green could go sporty electric. Kawasaki working on an electric powertrain is not exactly news. We’ve been suspecting the Green Brand has been looking into a zero-emission engine for a few years already, with patents emerging as early as 2016. More recently, in early March, we dug out some documents about an electric engine cooling system. […]

Zero Shows Off Prototype SR/F at London’s Ace Cafe

We got the chance to see in person the new SR/F, and it’s a real beast! Zero Motorcycles may be one of the most exciting new brands in the motorcycle world. Set on transforming the electric bike from concept artwork to reality, the California-based company has since 2006 been creating fast, great looking and well performing […]

Emflux One: India’s New Electric Superbike

And it’s beautiful! The latest in the Electric Motorcycle Revolution comes to us in the form of the “Emflux One,” an electric sport bike concept out of a small startup in Bangalore, India. Electric vehicles are catching on everywhere, especially in places with a high popluation density where air pollution is a large concern. India as a population […]

Big Four Join Forces To Work On Swappable Battery Technology

The challenges of electric motorcycles could become a thing of the past. Until now, most efforts to develop new ways to promote electric motorcycles and push the technology forward have been isolated and individual ones. Some companies have already established partnerships to join forces, however, none has been quite as significant as the one announced last week. […]

Evoke Introduces A New Electric Motorcycle

We are living through an electric motorcycle revolution! The Electric Motorcycle Revolution marches on, friends! This time Evoke, an electric motorcycle manufacturer out of Beijing, is introducing a new cruiser model called the 6061. Their first model and entree into the electric motorbike world, the Urban Classic, is exactly what it sounds like: a naked roadster echoing the […]