PLC: A Secure Connection For Your Electric Car Charger

As more and more electric vehicle charging stations offer network-connected features and smart-charging options, it’s important to know your smart EVSE won’t lose its connection when you most need it. Most smart home electric vehicle charging stations today rely on a Wi-Fi for their network connection. We rely on the EVSE to deliver power to […]

Watch As First-Time Tesla Autopilot Users Are Terrified

How do these people react during their maiden voyage with Tesla Autopilot? YouTuber and Tesla Model 3 owner model3man received some special requests. People asked him to film family members’ first impressions as they got behind the wheel and experienced Tesla Autopilot. He warns us that since you only get one chance to make a “first […]

Donate To Charity And You Could Win This Tesla Model S P100D

The Electric Blue EV could be yours. In terms of electric vehicles, few are more popular or widely recognized as the Tesla Model S. The range-topping P100D with Ludicrous mode is the most talked about. With 920 pound-feet of torque, this Tesla can sprint to 60 miles per hour in less than 2.3 seconds and on […]

This Shows The Ultimate Tesla Ownership Support … Wow!

Tesla Owners Club Leadership Summit 36 Tesla owners club leaders from nine countries convened this week in Fremont, CA  to meet, strategize, and plan for how clubs can continue to support Tesla owners across the globe. ***This article and images were submitted by our great friend Sean Mitchell. Tesla Club Owners are officially recognized by […]

How Is Our App-Driven World Changing The Automotive Industry?

How Apps are Changing the Driving Experience *This article comes to us courtesy of Rilind Elezaj, who has a detailed background in apps and app development. He’s willfully submitting a multitude of news surrounding the subject. We’ll share more in the near future if this is a topic that InsideEVs readers appreciate. Today, you find mobile […]

On Tesla: Open Letter Proposal For Your Consideration

This is an open letter to Tesla and Elon Musk that was shared with InsideEVs. *This article comes to us courtesy of author Sanjeev Dhanda. If this is something that our readers appreciate, we look forward to sharing more of Sanjeev’s efforts. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Dear Elon, Tesla Employees, […]

AmazingE EVSE Offered At Significant Discount

AmazingE EVSE charges electric cars lightning fast – it’s UL Listed and under $300! Buy directly for just $219 AmazingE recently launched its 16 Amp Level 2 EVSE, with 3.8kW of goodness. The AmazingE charges electric cars three times faster than the Level 1 cordset that came with the electric vehicle. The AmazingE is the […]