2019 Kia Niro EV Is A Solid EV, But It’s Quite Pricey: Video

A Kia hatchback for $38,000 may come as a huge surprise to many buyers. More Doug DeMuro (apparently he didn’t change his name, he just added a channel) says Kia is wrong by calling its Niro EV a crossover. This is because, in his opinion, it’s actually a hatchback. He adds, if you thought a […]

VW Trademarks All Sorts Of Names Tied To Electric Cars

Volkswagen continues to trademark multiple names for future EVs. According to a recent story, VW filed paperwork with the European Intellectual Property Office to reserve more names for its upcoming hybrid and electric cars. The automaker specifically classified the requests under categories that pertain to batteries, chargers, and electric vehicles, among others. The interesting part of […]

Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Compared In This In-Depth Video

The Tesla Model Y is actually unlike the Tesla Model 3 in many ways. Some called the Tesla Model Y reveal underwhelming. This is because the Model Y basically looks just like a Model 3, albeit “inflated.” As the video points out, the actual unveiling event itself didn’t work to make a huge deal of […]

March 2019 U.S. EV Sales Continue The Trend, Barely Exceeding 2018

We report another year-over-year rise in U.S. EV sales, but it’s marginal. Based on automakers’ sales reports and our estimates, we report a total of 27,628 plug-in electric vehicles were sold in the U.S. in March, compared to last year’s 26,443 and last month’s 16,864. While the increase is minimal, it’s an increase nonetheless. Tesla has accounted for much of […]

Tesla Model 3 Yields For Ambulance, Gets Smashed By Mack Truck: Video

Some smaller cars may be no match for a Mack truck, but this Tesla Model 3 protects. Unless you’re in the accident yourself, it’s hard to grasp specific details and circumstances. However, now that Tesla owners can share their experiences due to the cars’ built-in dashcam (TeslaCam), we have access to an increasing number of […]

Watch Professional Motor Trend Driver Pilot Tesla Model 3 At Track: Video

The Tesla Model 3 is surely no slouch on the twisty track. People continue to complain about the handling prowess of the Tesla Model S and Model X. It’s by no means bad, especially for a family sedan and a large crossover. Tesla didn’t design either car as a sports car, though both are ridiculously […]

Hackers Cause Tesla Model S To Steer Itself Into Oncoming Traffic: Video

Hacking is a major concern as autonomous driving systems become closer to reality. China-based Tencent Keen Security Lab is arguably the world’s top dog when it comes to researching cybersecurity. Its professional hackers recently claimed they could control a Tesla’s brakes from many miles away. Now, during further testing, the firm was able to trick Tesla […]

Watch Tesla Model X Handle Some Real Off-Roading: Videos

Watch this Tesla Model X get put to the test on a tough off-road track. We’ve shared videos of the Tesla Model X off-roading before. However, many people have said that it wasn’t “real” off-roading. We’re not sure what the definition of “real” is here, but we agree that we’ve seen other vehicles put through […]

Final Update: March 2019 U.S. Plug-In EV Sales Report Card

Will March U.S. EV sales pull us out of the slump and set new records? March marks the 42nd month of consecutive year-over-year monthly sales gains for plug-in vehicles. Each month InsideEVs tracks all plug-in EV sales/deliveries for the United States by automaker. While January showed notable year-over-year growth, deliveries were down as expected. February U.S. electric car sales barely topped last year’s […]