A Closer Look At Nikola World 2019: 5 Debuts, Advantages, Challenges

We’ve got all the details from Nikola World 2019, plus some compelling dialogue. As promised, our friend Sean Mitchell over at AllThingsEV.info has completed his exhaustive video about Nikola World 2019. He provides all the details about each of the five new vehicles Nikola shared at the event. In addition, Sean reflects on the company’s […]

Rivian Electric R1T Truck & R1S SUV: Incredible Machines – Video

It comes as no surprise, Rivian is firing up the masses. This most recent video share didn’t come to us directly from Rivian. This is because it’s a fan-made commercial. It came via Detroitable, which is a YouTube channel we know little about. Upon a closer look, we realized that Detroitable has only a few […]

Nikola Wows Huge Crowd With Five Zero-Emission Vehicles

Nikola provided much more than eye candy and vaporware at its recent event. Just a few hours ago, in the wee hours of the morning, we returned from an intense two-day event in Scottsdale, Arizona, coined Nikola World 2019. We’ll be honest to say that there’s a ton to take in and cover. Nikola Motor Company […]

This Automotive Reviewer Got Almost $6,000 Off A New Tesla Model 3

It turns out Tesla does offer occasional discounts. The guys over at The Fast Lane Car decided it was time to invest in a Tesla Model 3. Being that the Standard Range $35,000 variant became available, they were pretty excited to be able to get one for much less than previously anticipated. However, when they […]

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai Update Via Local Onlookers And Drone

What’s actually happening with Tesla in China? While many naysayers chose to post video and images over the holidays to try to disprove Tesla’s progress on its Shanghai-based Gigafactory 3, it was all a fraud and FUD, as expected. As it turns out, Tesla never halted the manufacturing process of the all-new battery factory. As […]

2019 EV Comparo: Model S, LEAF, I-Pace, Ioniq, Zoe (Mega-Test Video)

How do today’s top EVs in Australia compare when it comes to range? As Car Advice points out, real-world electric car range is ramping up. Never before have we seen a vast variety of models with well over 200 miles of battery-electric range. The best part here is that these cars all offer different features, […]

Tesla Sentry Mode Captures A High-Profile Hit-And-Run: Video

It seems people are still quite unaware of Tesla Sentry Mode. People’s lack of knowledge about Tesla Sentry Mode could be viewed as good or bad depending on the situation and how you look at it. If more of the public knew that Tesla vehicles can record happenings around the car, they may make very […]

Look Inside A Bulletproof Tesla Tire? Is It A Traditional Run-Flat?

Let’s take a look inside a tire on this bulletproof Tesla Model S. We’ve shared stories about the ArmorMax Tesla Model S in the past. Despite its bulletproof status, which adds extra weight, it’s still quite quick. ArmorMax claims it’s the quickest armored car in the world. If true, this gives it a double advantage. […]