Five Reasons Why You Might Hate Your Tesla Model 3: Video

Some of these YouTubers will do whatever it takes to get money and free stuff. Jason Fenske (Engineering Explained) has quite the sense of humor in his own quirky sort of way. Added to that, he’s clearly very intelligent and well-aware of how the world works, especially when it comes to the new age of […]

Tesla Model S 100D Vs Model X 100D Autobahn POV Test & Review

How do Tesla’s long-range flagships compare? We should note up front that AutoTopNL isn’t altogether interested in EVs. The YouTube channel admits that it doesn’t care much about “eco & green.” However, if it’s crazy fast like Tesla vehicles, then that’s another story. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know whether the Model S […]

Tesla’s New Dynamic Brake Lights Should Push Automakers To Comply

Tesla continuously works to make its cars safer. In a recent Tesla Model 3 update to owners in Europe, Tesla added features like Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, Peak Power Increase, and Navigate on Autopilot. In addition, a new feature coined Dynamic Brake Lights rolls out. Its purpose is to better alert other drivers that the […]

Tesla Model 3 Review After 26,000 Miles: Best Car Or Big Mistake? Video

What’s the real truth when it comes to looking back on that Tesla Model 3 purchase? YouTuber Andy Slye took the plunge about a year ago and purchased a Tesla Model 3 for some $50,000. Tesla has made a whole lot of changes since then. Reportedly, quality is now much better than it was early on. […]

Jay Leno Interview: “I Have A Tesla Model S, That’s The Future”

Jay Leno is a known Tesla fan for life. He shares more in this recent USA Today interview. Comedian and famed talk show host, Jay Leno loves cars in general. In fact, he retired from his late-night talk show gig to focus more on his car-collecting passion, among other things. Leno started his series, “Jay […]

Rivian R1T Electric Truck & R1S SUV Reservation Gifts: Unboxing Videos

Rivian is sending out surprise gifts well ahead of electric vehicle production. While it appears Rivian has most of its ducks in a row to begin production of its R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV, it will still be some time before the process is fully underway. We know that funding is looking […]

Tesla “Hater” Purposely Keys Model 3: Sentry Mode To The Rescue: Video

Apparently, Tesla Sentry Mode can lead to a vandal’s arrest. While it’s a bit difficult to tell in the video above, this woman reportedly keyed a Tesla Model 3, albeit very discreetly. As you can see from the Sentry Mode video, she’s letting her son into their car, with her back to the Model 3. […]

Watch Tesla Model 3 Acceleration Update Tested: Unexpected Results

Is the Tesla Model 3 Performance now quicker than one of its flagship siblings? Tesla guru and YouTuber Erik Strait (DAErik) just received the latest over-the-air software update (2019.8.3) for his Model 3 Performance. He decides it’s time to meet up with friend and fellow Tesla owner Dan from What’s Inside? Dan owns a handful of […]

Check Out This Tesla Model 3 Doing Doughnuts & Drifting: Video

Watch this dual-motor, non-performance Tesla Model 3 tearing it up. Despite its incredible off-the-line, all-electric torque, the Tesla Model 3 is not a car that lends itself to spin outs and drifting. This is because the Tesla all-wheel-drive traction control system is first-rate. In most cases, this is positive. However, being able to ultimately control […]

Long-Term 2018 Nissan LEAF: 10,000-Mile Update

Autoweek still loves the 2018 Nissan LEAF after 10,000 miles of intensive testing. Regardless of any negatives about the Nissan LEAF, it’s still the world’s best-selling EV, and has found much global success for many years. The most interesting aspect of Autoweek’s analysis of the redesigned Nissan is that they’ve had no issues with battery […]