Let’s Analyze Tesla’s Recent Model S, X 75D Discontinuation

Elon Musk broke the news last night that Tesla was dropping the 75 kWh Model S/X Since the remaining 100 kWh options are currently $15k-18k more than the 75D’s, that would greatly decrease an already small niche of buyers that can afford the Model S and Model X. This is an atypical move for Tesla […]

Plug-In Electric Car Market Share In Netherlands Hit 31% In December

BEVs dominated the Dutch market in 2018 The Netherlands experienced a stunning 31% market share of plug-in electric car sales for the month of December. The total number of passenger car registrations increased more than four times to 6,232. The spike was caused by a great run for more expensive all-electric models (with prices above €50,000), […]

Tesla drops 75Ds, Nissan Leaf Plus, EPA head, peak internal-combustion: Today’s Car News

We look at what sets the Nissan Leaf Plus apart. President Trump nominates Andrew Wheeler as EPA chief. And analysts report that the world may already have reached peak sales for internal combustion engines. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesl…

Watch As Chevy Bolt EV Is Stripped Down For Cost Analysis Research

What’s under the hood of this Chevrolet Bolt EV? As our hardcore readership is well aware, we love to share videos on InsideEVs. We’re well aware that the visual stimulation may appeal to much of the internet-surfing audience. However, some people just don’t have time to deal with long videos. Instead, they’d rather read an […]

BMW sells over 140,000 plug-in cars throughout 2018

Having delivered 142,617 electrified vehicles last year, the BMW Group that includes Mini has reached their 2018 target of selling 140,000 electric cars and PHEVs. And, their eyes are set on further growth. This latest sales data on electric cars and plug-in hybrids translates to 38.4 percent growth compared to sales in 2017 when BMW […]

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Elon Musk’s warm reception in China is a wake-up call to Tesla’s skeptics

A couple of days after holding the groundbreaking ceremony of Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, Elon Musk met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing. Li, widely regarded as China’s #2 after President Xi Jinping, spoke candidly with Musk, discussing his optimism about Gigafactory 3 and the innovations that Tesla can bring to the table by […]

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Ford Says It Might Enter Formula E In The Future

An entry into the ABB FIA Formula E Championship remains one of the options for Ford as it evaluates its motorsport future. Mark Rushbrook, global head of Ford Performance Motorsports, told Motorsport.comt that FE was “still on the sheet of paper we are looking at” as it considers an entry into what he called “electrified […]

Honda Urban EV To Debut In Near-Production Form In Geneva

Honda Urban EV to debut this year, but only 5,000/year to be sold in Europe? A near-production ready Honda Urban EV is expected to be shown at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. The concept version debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 and according to Automotive News, the production version will have a world […]