The Throwback Nobody Wanted: Return Of The Harley Scooter

The electric family is growing. The Consumer Electronic Show, or CES, opened up on Monday with brands showing offs the latest toys in the vast realm of technology. An increasing number of automotive and motorcycle manufacturers are using the platform to feature their latest technologies and even some of their vehicles. Surprisingly, Harley-Davidson was among the companies […]

NIO Sold Record 3,318 ES8 Electric SUVs In December

NIO captured its niche and moves forward Chinese manufacturer NIO reports a record of 3,318 ES8 electric car sales in December. It will probably stay a record for a while as the first quarter brings seasonally lower demand in China. Anyway,s NIO delivered a total of 11,348 ES8 in 2018, which is slightly more than the goal. […]

BMW Exec Suggests Automaker Should Work With Elon Musk

This BMW exec knows the automaker must make its own batteries to surge forward with EVs. In a recent interview with Manager Magazin, BMW works council chief Manfred Schoch stated that he believes BMW must make its own batteries to be successful with its EV future. This makes perfect sense since arguably the most successful EV maker […]

Tesla is getting ‘some regulatory pushbacks’ over new Autopilot feature, says Elon Musk

Tesla was supposed to come out with some new Enhanced Autopilot features, especially new Summon+ features, last year, but the new capabilities have been delayed.
Now CEO Elon Musk says that the new features should be going to beta testers “in th…

Cumulative Tesla Model 3 Production Estimate Exceeds 160,000

Roughly 160,000 Model 3 have been already made Tesla has reached another significant mark of 160,000 Tesla Model 3 produced cumulatively, according to Bloomberg’s Tesla Model 3 Tracker. The counter indicates 160,714 Model 3 produced, but the current average rate of production remains below 5,000 per week (4,577 per week). The number consists of officially […]

Tesla’s Winter Testing Facility In Alaska Is Pretty Incredible

AN INSIDE LOOK AT TESLA’S WINTER TESTING FACILITY IN ALASKA When it comes to winter driving, electric vehicles have a couple of drawbacks, as CNET writer Tim Stevens, an EV owner who lives in a northern climate, knows from personal experience. Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, tend to have a negative effect on battery packs, […]